Systemic infection cures

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What are vasculitis symptoms

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Q: Systemic infection cures
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Is the Swine Flu curable?

There is currently no cure for influenza. There are treatments that ameliorate the severity of the symptoms and that shorten the duration of the infection, and there are vaccines to prevent the flu. But nothing cures it like, for example, an antibiotic cures a bacterial infection, or like surgery cures appendicitis.

What are some common yeast infection cures?

Some common yeast infection cures include fungal creams and medications. There are also home remedies such as garlic, however, the most common treatment is fungal creams.

What medicine cures Typhoid Fever?

Typhoid fever is one manifestation of an infection with Salmonella bacteria. Cures are based upon destroying the bacteria and typically rely on antibiotics.

What medicine cures measles?

There is no specific treatment for measles mainly because it is a viral infection. Hope this helps.

How long does syphilis stay in your system after treatment?

It should not stay anywhere after treatment. Treatment cures the infection.

What antibiotic cures bronchitis?

amoxocillin most times it is caused by a viral infection, so antibiotics would not help.

Cures for urinary tract infection?

Urinary tract infection can be cured by herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. It's natural without any side effects.

What cures yeast infections?

Medication from your doc... Leaving any infection untreated is dangerous and can lead to much more severe problems.

Are there any cures for esbl infection?

yes there are antibiotics that can treat esbl infections, carbapenem, ertapenem, aminoglycosides are some of the class of drugs that are used.

Does cipro cure most STDs?

No! Cipro is an antibiotic which ONLY cures bacterial infections so unless the std is a bacterial infection it will NOT cure it

What home remedy cures a bladder infection?

sage,hot water,mint,paprica,salt,and put all that on a pita bread at the end.

What diseases do vaccines cure?

None, they are preventatives not cures. A few, like the rabies vaccine can still work after infection but before symptoms appear.

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