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\ European intervention in Latin America.

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Q: Taft's approach to foreign affairs was undermined by?
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What were William Howard Tafts foreign policies?

He made the Dollar Diplomacy

Tafts attempt to influence foreign countries by encouraging us business to invest money in foreign nations?

dollar diplomacy

How did president Tafts foreign policy goals compare withe those of roosevelts?

Blake lovesss me.

What was Taft's dollar diplomacy?

Tafts dollar diplomacy was created to protect US businesses in foreign countries. It is a foreign policy created US president William Howard Taft.

President tafts foreign policy was dubbed?

I am pretty sure it is called dollar diplomacy.

Why did tafts dollar diplomacy and Wilson's actions in Mexico anger many Latin Americans?

President Taft's dollar diplomacy kept Latin America dependent on foreign investment and aid. President Wilson, however, directly interfered with Mexican affairs, intervening more than his predecessors.

What was Helen Tafts weight?

72 ibs

What are William Howard Tafts weaknesses?

His weight

When did William Tafts term end?


What was William h Tafts education?

He went to Yale College.

Who was Tafts secretary of state?

Philander C.Knox (1909-1913)

What happened during William tafts presidency?

His wife had a stroke.