Ford Taurus

Taurus sho?

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Taurus SHO = Ford Taurus SHO (Super High Output).

1989-1991(gen1), 1992-1995(gen2), and 1996-1999(gen3). Yamaha

24valve DOHC 3.0 V6 220hp and 200ft-lbs(1989-1995), Yamaha 24valve

DOHC 3.2 V6 220hp and 215ft-lbs(1992-1995), Yamaha 32valve DOHC 3.4

V8 235hp and 230ft-lbs. All 3.0's came with 5-speed manuals and all

3.2's came with 4-speed automatics. All 3.4's came with 4-speed


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