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Tax refunds and chapter 7?


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January 18, 2008 6:58PM

This Q has been pushed around a lot here...and this is what I've pieced together: It depends...a bit on which circuit court your in and how they feel...and expecially how much is involved...(obviously large amounts are wanted for creditors...and it just seems unfair for you to not pay someone your debt, because you didn't have the money, because you had too much withheld or prepaid...when the amount withheld/prepaid is controllable and returned to you!) The other aspect is when you filed compared to when you made your money...If the overpaid tax is for a pre-petition filing period...most trustees want it...but if it really isn't then it's yours. So say it's a refund for the year and you filed BK in December.....well it was basically all withheld as part of the Jan-Dec period in your filing...and it part of the BK...but if you filed in say March...well not much of it is really from the covered BK period. Sort of makes sense.