Technology comes from the Greek word technos which means what?


Technology comes from the combination of the two words techni which means art and Logos which means talking.


Techne-Art,Craft and Logia-Study,Theory


First of all I am Greek.

The word Techno- comes from the Greek word Techne which means "art". Also -logy means to talk about something.

1) On March 16, 2008 at 6:23 pm Robbt1959 [0] said:

ology means the "study of" logos is refering to a symbol or in modern terms a LOGO , in the new testament of the bilble "the sign of the cross" was the word logos in the original text ; the word study expert that I knew is dead; so if the logos is talking it is in referance to a symbol , not chit chating the original way to say it is low gos (short o)

Okay, so let's sum this all up- all of you are saying "tech" so choose what you like- techni techne or techno, which created the word techne. Back to the question: What does technos mean? I'm saying it mean art.