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Tell me about yourself

i am sam. i am 26 years old.i completed my graduation in 2006 and i am pursuing my pg in computer science through distance mode. my father is a business man. my mother is home maker.i have an elder brother

and and elder sister. they got hobbies are watching tv ,

listening to music , internet , cooking and gardening and i would like to

to go out with my friends. i am positive

sincere and hardworking.i want to be recognized and identified

as a successful short term goal is to be team leader

and in the long run i want to hod of a company.

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If looking for apartments, there are a good selection of these available as well. Some of them are duplexes, which would cut down on the number of people per building, and thus the noise and commotion. Others are in longer buildings with many apartments, an ideal situation for a college student looking to meet other people attending their school. The Barlow Lane Apartments are very nice, with eight hundred square feet per apartment and all the expected amenities. They cost only five hundred and seventy-five dollars per month, and boast a beautiful back yard with tall trees and green grass. They are built to look more like homes than apartments, and the renter will have a feeling of comfort and relaxation when returning at the end of the day.

Whether a home or an apartment, Boise has something for all.

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