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Tell me something about your school days?

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2011-07-11 16:34:14

i had enjoy every moment of my school life. i did my school at

sbk . i used to go to school by bus . my school was located 20 km

away from my home town. it was very good experience . travelling

and studying. i would like to share one experience when i was

studied 8th std the boy name was jagadesh who beaten by our social

science teacher . his name is prem. jagadesh decided to revenge

prem. so he decided to drink poison . he bought rat poison. he

juster mixed water with that poison. me and my friends were sitting

and chatting at ground. he just came and inform us he is going to

drink poison. he carried water bottle and run away from there . he

just shouting like hey im going to drink poison. we are all chasing

him. he drunk liitle bit. we got him and hand over him at the pd

room . they just got the letter from him pocket and took him to the

hospital. we just got the msg abt what was written in the letter.

he written about his death. im going to die because of prem beaten

me up . so im going to die.

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