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The number on a Club Penguin gift card is only for the use of the person who bought or received the card.

If you would like to purchase a Club Penguin gift card try Walmart, Toysrus, or Target.

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a gift card number i cant give you it agenst my working law i do work for cp so i cant tell you them

no you have to by your own or you will be band from clubpenguin

the is a number on the back of the card - call it and tell them the card code. they will tell you your balance

Typically, the back of the gift card has a website you can go to or a phone number you can call to check your balance. They can also tell you in the store.

go to the store that the gift card is for and ask the cashier how much is still there. call the number on the back of the card and tell them your number and they will tell you your balance. if you have internet then go to the website and type in your number and it will give you your balance there

The gift card number is right under the barcode on the back(:

you bought it so yea you pay for clubpenguin

They will sometimes have a 800 number to call on them or you can go to the place the card is for and they will tell you.

If there is a number on the back you can call it and they will tell u

you get on to the apple website and put in the code for your gift card.

Usually on the back of any gift card, there is an automatic number you can call and it will ask you the card number. Once you dial this in, it will tell you how much is on the card. The amount remaining on the card is also listed at the bottom of the receipt when you make a purchase. For further Sears Gift Card questions, please see the related links below.

the card has a website on it that you can go to or a phone number, you type in the long pin number the you type in the four numbers and it will tell you.

I too could not find a way to check the balance of my AutoZone gift card. I was able to call their rewards number at 800-741-9179. Give them the 16 digit card number and they will be able to tell you the balance.

You will find one on the gift card you buy

Every gift card has instructions. Gift cards have instructions to use them otherwise people would not know how to use them. They tell you how to purchasegift card, how to protect the gift card and how to use the gift card. Then it tells you the terms and conditions to tell you how much is on the card and when you can use it and when it runs out and tells you about the website and the address ect.

Gift cards will have a phone number or website on the back of the card. You call the number or visit the website. You will be asked to provide the card number and pin number that is on the card. The balance will then be provided to you.

You know i am on club penguin! And i dont have a gift card number. Soo...

The activation number should be located on your visa gift card or the paperwork it came with.

If it doesn't have a name printed on it, It's a gift card. Another way to say it is it has amount printed on it.

i'm srry but people cannot tell u it would not be fair.

28497473 that is a number for 50000yocash

Go to and then to shop pick out what you want and then pick form of payment (gift card) and type in gift card number.

call the number on the back of the card

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