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Tell me your ability to work under pressure?


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Employers like employees to be able to work under pressure. When you can work under pressure, it shows that you are a good worker.

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well with low temper and be systematic and focus on your work

High achievers tend to perform well in high pressure situations.

You might want to re-think this job if you don't know how you react at work under pressure. The point behind the interview is to see if you can think for yourself and how you percieve yourself in certain situations, as well as knowledge and your ABILITY to do the job. If you arent capable of answering the question, maybe you should continue the job hunt.

Effective Medical Assistant with the ability to readily work under pressure.

Well, make an example on being under pressure. An employer will want to know that you can work effectively in a fast changing environment and that you are prepared to go the extra mile when required. To illustrate your ability to work well under pressure, let us first break down the process into its component parts: Planning, Strategic thinking, Calm head, and remember, when asked this question in interview, remember that the employer is looking to uncover your skills in a diverse range of fields including problem solving, decision making, organizational skills, time management and your ability to work under stress. As always, have a carefully chosen example to highlight your adeptness at working in such an environment, being sure to convey your ability to work calmly and efficiently while achieving results

Some people work well under pressure because it helps them stay focused. Others work well under pressure because they like the rush of having a deadline.

Not really - but you have to.

I think I work wel under pressure, I know I have a job to do and I do whatever it takes to get it done.

I am honest, proficient with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and internet and I have the ability to get along with people. I can work ALSO under pressure.

Not really - but you have to.

to be good customer services by answering customer needs ,solve there problems ,be good listener also she should have ability to work under pressure

You should be able to give an example of working successfully under pressure. Try not to use an example where you created the pressure yourself, by waiting too long to start something, or by handling a task irresponsibly at the beginning. For example, working under pressure to meet a customer's deadline could be a good example, but not if you had waited too long to start the project.

Answer to "Working Under Deadlines or Pressure"You could answer "Yes, some of my best work has been done under deadlines or pressure." You might want to be prepared to give an example. Remember, though, if you don't work well under those conditions, it will show if you get the job.

Why yes I believe I can..

Yes i lik work under pressure... wit g8t effect.... inorder to achieve the company goal...

stress lets us be able to learn to work under pressure. stress also enhances our ability to deal with certain situations without being overwhelmed

It should probably not be difficult to think about a time when you had to work under pressure. Discuss one example of a high-pressure work situation and the steps you used to diffuse the situation. Focus on your strengths, skills, and expertise.

hydrolics work using fluid under pressure what else stupid

to work alone independency and under pressure

constructive citicisms is to correct you or perfect you.

Most people would probably claim that they do.

they like work under pressure

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