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Telling mom you want to wear diapers?



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Well depending on what type of mother you have it could be easy or hard to do. If you are really into wearing them then you need to sit down with her when she is in a good mood and explain to her that you have something to tell her that it might not be easy to but she needs to hear it. Tell her that you have been thinking that you would like to wear diapers she might be mad but its something a parent would not expect to hear. but tell her that this is much safer then doing drugs or out getting in trouble you could be doing much worse things then diapers. Tell her that you will do more around the house or if you get allowance then you will give that up or what ever to get them. You got to give up something to get something in return. Then set up some rule for you to wear them. Like you will only put them in one trash can and take that trash out everyday. You wont wear just a diaper around the house or when you run out you will be the one to get the new pack and pay for them yourself. If you don't want to do that then you can just fake being a bed wetter but you will have to really wet your bed to make it believable you should start out one night by drinking a lot of water when nobody it watching you. Then when you go to bed don't use the bathroom when you wake up in the night just wet your bed and go back to bed when you wake up take your wet pj's off and your sheet and put then in the laundry room for a wash. Wait about 4 or 5 days and do it again. Over a few weeks you need to make them closer and closer every few days till its every night. By this time if nobody asked you about it then bring it up to your mom that you have been having some problems at night and that you wet the bed but never wake up to go to the bathroom and that you want to see a doctor. If you can make yourself cry that even better but say you don't like being wet and that you want something for it. if you want to wear them all the time. Just wait a few months while you are getting use to being a bed wetter. While you are out shopping or out in public wait till you really have to go to the bathroom but don't make it obvious you need to go and then just let it go while your pants are getting wet just stop what your doing and freak out and say out load OMG I am wetting myself and take off running to the bathroom and yes you still need to be peeing while your doing this oh make sure your parents are near by to cause nobody in their right mind would wet them self in public so your parents will believe its a really accident when you come back you need to be freaking out over it and asking to go home. If one time does not do it a couple more will and then you will be in them 24/7. good luck and keep me informed on how its going.