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The sensors are located on all 4 wheels. I couldn't find a diagram to send you. They are very expensive to replace ($40-80 a piece) not including the labor for them. It's possible that there is dust on one or more of the sensors, getting a good undercarriage and wheel wash might take care of it. To reset the computer, take off the positive and negative battery cables and touch them together, might as well clean the battery terminals while you're at it. If, after you've got a good wash and the light is still on, unless you are a very good mechanic, you'll need to take it to a good brake repair shop. I recommend replacing all the sensors at the same time so you know you've got 4 good ones. Otherwise, you could end up paying for the smae service 4 times. Hope this helps.

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How do you reset the brake pad warning on a Mercedes C180?

remove the sensors and clean it. then put it back. if the warning light is still replace the sensors it is cheap

How does a tsunami warning machine work?

A tsunami warning machine depends on information that comes from a network of sensors. These sensors indicate when an earthquake happens, and geologists decide if a tsunami is likely. If so, they send out a warning. If the wave sensors pick up actual tsunami activity, the tsunami warning machine is activated in each of the areas that is at risk.

Where check engine light is located on 1997 Mercury Mountaineer?

On a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer : The " CHECK ENGINE " warning light is just to the left of the battery voltage gauge

What is the exclamation point inside a gear light on a 2001 mercury sable?

On a 2001 Mercury Sable : That's your " CHECK TRANSAXLE " ( transmission ) warning light The warning light is located in the bottom of the tachometer on the left side . If the light stays on take the vehicle in for servicing

How do you service RSC service now warning for 2009 mercury mountaineer?

ABS warning RSC service now warning message

00 mercury cougar maint light is on looks like a can with an x through it?

On a 2000 Mercury Cougar : The warning light that looks like a can with an X through it , located between the engine coolant temperature gauge and the tachometer ( at the bottom of the gauge cluster ) is your ( LOW engine cooling system warning light )

Ford Windstar 2000 - where are the speed sensors located?

There are 2 primary types of 'speed' sensors:Wheels - these are for the ABS, Traction Control and some low-tire-pressure warning systems.Vehicle speed sensorSee "Related Questions" below for more about each...

What is red circle warning light on Lexus?

If it is a red circle with serrated "parenthesis" to the right and to the Left, then it's your brake warning light. The brake sensors are telling you there is something wrong with the brake system, IE: pads, fluid, sensors, etc.

Should tuna have a warning label addressing that it contains mercury?


Trash can symbol in dashboard definition of warning for 99 mercury?

Probably means to get rid of the Mercury and buy a Pontiac.

What does oil warning light look like 2000 Mercury Cougar?

On a 2000 Mercury Cougar : The OIL PRESSURE warning light is located on the right side of your gauge cluster just above the red " BRAKE " warning light It looks like an oil can Just before you start the car , when the ignition key is turned to the RUN position , the light should light up for a few seconds to prove that the bulb works

What does the OBDII code P0442 mean on a Ford Escape?

The P0442 warning code in your Ford Escape is indication that one of the oxygen sensors is malfunctioning. There is a total of four oxygen sensors.

Where are the airbag sensors located on a 2001 grand AM?

Usually it is combination of the speed sensor information or ABS sensors. There is usually a sensor behind the front bumber that also senses impact. If this bumber is hit usually it doesnt take a whole lot to deploy it. If your air bag warning light is on then the clock spring (located in the steering wheel and could go bad without warning)could be bad. Also there is a computer for the airbag system that it usually in the middle of the dash area near the floor or some where behind the dash.

Why would abs warning light stay on?

because one or more of your sensors are not reporting to the main computer.

Can you diconect your Renault laguna wheel sensors?

Yes if you want your dash warning lights on all the time!

Why is the Odometer is off warning on 1999 Mercury Sable?

The O/D OFF warning light in the bottom left of your tachometer on your 1999 Mercury Sable means that the ( OVERDRIVE IS OFF ) * that's the " top gear " of your automatic transmission

How do you reset the brake pad wear warning light on a 2008 dodge sprinter after replacing the pads?

If you replaced the sensors and the light is still on, then you have a wiring issue. You will need to check the wires going to the sensors.

What does the check tires warning mean on mercury monterey?

Straight from the Owners Manual (see Related Questions below):LOW TIRE WARNING - INDIRECT (IF EQUIPPED)The low tire warning system is designed to detect a significant loss ofinflation in any one of your tires on your vehicle. The system uses theAnti-lock brake wheel speed sensors to detect a change in wheel speeddue to tire deflation.Resetting the indicator / warning light:Reference the Owners Manual and / or see "Related Questions" below

What activates the alarm on a 1994 Mercury 60hp outboard?

The warning system on the 1994 model Mercury outboard can be activated by either the low oil sensor, located in the bottom of the oil reservoir, or the overheat sensor, located in the block near the spark plugs. The oil sensor will cause a series of "beeps" while the overheat will sound a continuous tone.

How do you turn off air suspension warning light on a 1995 mercury grand marquis?

The air suspension warning light will be displayed on the dash if you have flipped the switch on the passenger side of the trunk to "off." Look opposite of where your fuel filler door's manual opener is and flip the switch to on (it is not labeled on, only a blank space on the top of the switch and "off" on the bottom). I believe the question is to turn off the warning light, and not where the breaker switch is. If the warning light for the suspension is on, that means that something is wrong with the system. Have it checked before you find the rear end of the car on the ground.

How do you reset the oil change warning on 2007 mercury Mountaineer?

By resting it on the computer manually

Why do the Sbs light flickers proton persona 1997?

The SBS warning light indicates a fault with your airbag sensors system.

What is the amber light on a Ford Fiestas dashboard sating when it syays on?

engine management warning light,,,a fault with one of your sensors

How do you reset the traction warning system after you replaced the hub sensors?

If you have made the correct repairs, a short drive will clear the light.

Why do the lights in the speedometer in a 1966 VW turn on?

If your talking about the 2 red warning lites then one is the "generator/alternator not working" warning light and the other is the "low pressure/no oil" warning light. The sensors may be bad or the wires came off or are broken.