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Yes. After timothy dies and Philip has nothing to do.... he hears a plane noise and they were people who came to rescue him. They took Phillip off the island and he went back home where at the hospital they performed surgery and Phillip got his eyesight back. Even though he had glasses from then on, at least he could still see. It's a happy ending, except when Timothy dies.

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Q: The Cay What did Phillip say was making up for his loss of sight?
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Phillip is from Virginia

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Where do you think the cay Timothy and Phillip land is located

Map of the cay in the book the cay?

when they were in a island and Phillip was blind

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Nobody saved Phillip in The Cay. He stayed living in The Cay.:(I have a different answer, it really depends on what part of The Cay you're talking about, in the beginning though, the man who saved Phillip was named timothyActually he does get saved at the end of the story

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i don't think anybody hated Phillip in The Cay. Timothy and Phillip were the only ones on the cay along with Stew Cat.

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10 months

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There are no pictures

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It's just an island where Timothy and Phillip live in.

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Timothy and Phillip got ready for the storm

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Phillip and Timothy