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By a body of presidential electors

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Q: The Framers finally decided that the President and Vice President should be selected .?
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The framers finally decided that the president and vice president would be selected?

By a body of presidential electors

What does that fInally decided it?


Which delegates were for 35ths compramise?

It's actually the Three-Fifths Compromise. Most delegates from the slave-holding States argued that slaves should be counted. Most northerners took the opposing view. Finally, the Framers decided on the 3/5ths Compromise.

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What compromise did the Framers reach baout slavery?

I believe you meant ABOUT not BAOUT! These are the compromise that Framers reach: 1) The national government would not end the slave trade before 1808. 2) They included the three-fifths clause in article 1,2 & 3. 3) Finally, the Framers agreed to include the fugitive slave clause in Article 4, section 2.

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