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James Buchanan ran for the Democratic nomination three times (in 1844 ,1848 and 1852 ) before he was finally nominated and won the election in 1856.

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Q: Who ran for president three times lost three times but still served as president?
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Who served as Mexico's president seven times?

When? Current president (2006 - 2012) is Felipe Calderon.

Could there ever be a third term president in the US?

No- not unless the Constitution is amended to allow a third term. At the present, a US president can be elected at most two times. (Of course, Franklin Roosevelt served three terms back when it was legal to do so.)

Which president serve the most terms?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected four times and although he died just over a year into his fourth term he still served longer than any other President (March 4, 1933 - April 12, 1945) The president to serve the most terms is President Theodore Roosevelt.

How many times was George Washington elected president?

Washington was the only president never elected to his office - he was acclaimed to it. He served two terms, and could have served to his death, but thought no one person should serve more than two terms.

How long does a president in French Polynesia serve for?

The stipulated term is 5 years, but the President is not directly elected in French Polynesia, which is a semi-autonomous overseas collectivity. The executive is chosen by, and can be removed by, the territorial assembly, as is the case for prime ministers in other parliamentary democracies. Until 2014, presidential terms due to no confidence votes in the Assembly have been as short as two to 11 months. The president in September, 2017 (Edouard Fritch) had served three years since 2014, while former president Oscar Temaru had FIVE short terms in office between 2004 and 2013, and was elected three times in one three-year period.

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What is the most number of terms ever served by a President?

The most terms served by a United States president was three. Although Roosevelt died near the beginning of his third term, he was elected three times.

Who served 4 terms as president of the US?

No one. Franklin Roosevelt served three full terms and was elected to a fourth, but then died three months into that term.

Who was President who served more than two times?

grover Cleveland served twice but at different times

If obama is president two times is still your 44 president?

yes he would still count as 1. George Washington served two terms and he is known as 1st pres. and john Adams as 2nd after him.

Who served as president of Mexico 5 times?

benito juarez

How many times did Harrison serve as president?

Both President Harrison's served once as President of the United States. William Henry Harrison served 31 days as president before passing away. Benjamin Harrison served 1 full term as president.

How many times did Santa Anna serve as President of Mexico?

Santa Anna served as president for eleven times in New Mexico.

Who served as Mexico's president seven times?

When? Current president (2006 - 2012) is Felipe Calderon.

Which president in the history was the only one to serve 4 terms as president?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt also known by his initials, FDR, was the 32nd President of the United States and spent 12 years as President of the United States. He was a dominant leader of the Democratic Party and the only American president elected to more than two terms.

How many times karzai became president?

three times

Which president served the longest term in office?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt did Served a total of four times. He died during his fourth term.

How many times was John Adams elected for president?

John Adams served 1 term as US President. His son John Quincy Adams also served 1 term as President.