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No- not unless the Constitution is amended to allow a third term. At the present, a US president can be elected at most two times. (Of course, Franklin Roosevelt served three terms back when it was legal to do so.)

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Q: Could there ever be a third term president in the US?
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Can a president could run again after his term?

If he has only run once, he can run for a second term. However, If he has run twice, he cannot become president a third time.

Who broke the third term custom and ran and became president?

Franklin Roosevelt

Who was the first president to run for a third term?

An attempt was made to nominate President Grant for a third term, but he didn't campaign for it in the way people run for President now and the attempt failed. The first President to run for a third term was Theodore Roosevelt. After serving two terms from 1901 to 1908, Teddy Roosevelt did not run in 1908. In 1912, Teddy ran for the Republican nomination and lost to William Howard Taft. He then formed a third party, the Bull Moose party, and ran for President. He ultimatedly lost to Woodrow Wilson, though he did beat the Republican candidate, Taft. The first President to actively campaign for a third term and win was Franklin Roosevelt, who was nominated and elected to a third fourth term.

Richard Nixon was the third President to be forced to leave office before the end of his term.?

No, he was the first president to be impeached or forced to leave his office before hie term was up

Which president declined to run for a third term?

George Washington declined a third term and set a precedent that was almost universally followed until Franklin Roosevelt broke the tradition , ran for a third term and was elected in 1940.U. S. Grant in 1880 let it be known that he would be willing to run for a third term, but he was not nominated. Woodrow Wilson also indicated that he could be drafted for a third term, but drew little interest.

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Could the voters decide if the president should have a third or fourth term?

no, a president is only allowed to run for two terms.

What president set the precedent of only serving four terms?

Franklin Roosevelt broke the precedent set by Washington of only serving two terms when he ran for a third and then a fourth term. He was the only president to ever run for a third term .

Can a president could run again after his term?

If he has only run once, he can run for a second term. However, If he has run twice, he cannot become president a third time.

When did FDR start his third term as president?

January 20, 1941 was the date that FDR began his third term as president.

Who was The vice president of the third president of the us?

The third president, Thomas Jefferson, had Aaron Burr as vice president for his first term and George Clinton for his second term.

Who was the third president to be re- elected?

The first, and only president elected for a third term was Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940 due to some concerns during WWII. He was also elected in 1947 for a fourth term, but died only months into his fourth term.

Can president bush serve a third term?


Who was Lincoln's third vice president?

Abraham Lincoln was the US President for two terms. In his first term, Hannibal Hamlin was his Vice President, and in his second term, Andrew Johnson was his Vice President. President Lincoln was shot 6 weeks into his second term, and Andrew Johnson became President. Thus, Abraham Lincoln did not have a third Vice President.

What year was president Roosevelt's third term?

He won the election in 1940, and served his third term from 1941 to 1945.

Can the US president do a third term if you are in the middle of a war?

No- not at present. There are no exceptions to the rule against serving a third term.

How did roosevelt win a third term?

He engineered a draft from the Convention to get the nomination . W W II was going on in earnest in Europe and Asia and the US, although officially neutral, was supplying arms to the allies and it seemed very likely that the US would soon go to war. The economy was picking up so the people decided to go with FDR for four more years.

Was FDR was the first President to be elected to a third term true or false?

True. He was elected for his third term in 1940.