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Q: Who broke the third term custom and ran and became president?
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Which custom eventually became part of the constitution as the 22nd amendment?

A president not serving more than two terms. This custom was broken by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and soon after, the 22nd Amendment came to limit a president to a maximum of two terms.

Which president estadlished the custom of not seeeking a third term?

George Washington.

Which president established a custom of not seeking a third term?

George Washington

Who became the third president?

thoman Jefferson

Facts in history When Thomas Jefferson was president?

became third president 1801 - 09

Which president broke the tradition on how long a president should remain in office?

Franklin D. Roosevelt, when he successfully ran for a third term.

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence and became the third president?

Thomas Jefferson.

Who is the current president of NASCAR?

Mike Helton is the current president of Nascar. He became Nascar's third president in November 2000.

Who recently became Russian president for record third time?

Vladamir Putin.

What are facts about Billings?

Bill Clinton had served two terms. HE was the governor of Arkansas before he became president. Bill Clinton is the first president to be a Rhodes Scholar. He became president after the Cold War. He is the third youngest president.

When did mwai kibaki become president of Kenya?

Mwai Kibaki became the third president of Kenya on 2002 December 30.

When did mustafa kemal ataturk become president?

1923 October 29, is the first time he became a president.1927 November 1, is the second time he became a president.1931 Mayıs 4, is the third time he became a president.1935 Mart 1, is the fourth time he became a president.