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Stone Age (Greek lithos = stone)

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Q: The Neolithic and Paleolithic are both part of the?
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Who created wall paintings neolithic Paleolithic or both?


What is the same of Paleolithic and Neolithic?

they both have an ice age

What are the similarities between Paleolithic Era and Neolithic Era?

Both the Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras were periods of prehistoric human history. They both saw the use of stone tools, but the Neolithic Era introduced agriculture and the domestication of animals. Both eras also involved nomadic lifestyles, but the Neolithic Era saw the development of settled communities.

What was the period between Paleolithic and Neolithic called?

The mesolithic period was between the paleolithic and neolithic.

The Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages are both parts of a period known as the Ice Age true or false?

False. The Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages were both prehistoric periods but were not specifically part of the Ice Age. The Ice Age refers to a broader geological period characterized by multiple ice ages and interglacial periods.

What the differences between Paleolithic food and Neolithic food?

neolithic people farmed and paleolithic hunted for food

What are the similarities of the Paleolithic and the Neolithic ages?

there both polythistic and men hunted and the women gathered and farmed.

Was hunting invented during the Paleolithic or neolithic era?

In the paleolithic era.

Compare Paleolithic and Neolithic ages?

they are both a age and they are from the same time. Paleothic is when the hunter/gathers were around and the Neolithic age is when they started to build perment shelters

Was diseases worse in the Paleolithic or neolithic age?

it was worse in the Paleolithic time period.

How are the Paleolithic and Neolithic ages alike?

i just did a project on this on Wednesday 8th, 2009. they are both ages except neolithic is more sufficient and more future like. i mean paleolithic is more before time and neolithic is more after. they both do the same thing like food gathering but that is the answer. Paleolithic times was when people moved around to find food. The people went were the food went. In neolithic times people stayed in one spot and farmed an domesticated animals, instead of hunting and gathering

What was the Neolithic empire?

An empire after the Paleolithic empire.