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The Patriots were Americans fighting for freedom?


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Patriots- were American fighting for freedom

Loyalist- sided with King/ the British

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they were the Americans fighting for freedom.

The free African Americans started fighting for the Patriots/Americans in December, 1775.

I'm in 5th grade and I know this the African Americans who fought with the patriots believed that the Americans were fighting for freedom so if they fought with them they would have freedom from slavery. Prince Hall, and Mohandas Gandhi were good examples durning the war too.

no but they had to fight for their freedom

Yes, the Americans were the patriots fighting for the new country.

The Patriots are both American Revolution soldiers fighting for the Americans and they are a football team in the NFL.

They were fighting for freedom. They wanted to be rid of slavery.

The African Americans joined the patriots,because they wanted freedom,believed the patriots would beat the loyalist and,need of money.

Because they were given freedom if fought in the war

because they wanted to fight for freedom

The Americans were fighting for their freedom, and that inspired them to fight harder. Also, they were on home territority, and they knew the land better than the British.

Freedom for: To gain freedom for someone or something who is being enslaved or controlled, to deliver freedom to someone or something who's not free, to make someone or something free. Example: During the American Revolution, the patriots were fighting to gain freedom for the American people (or for the United States). Freedom from: To be free from someone or something which is the source of oppression or control. Example: During the American Revolution, the patriots were fighting to gain freedom from Great Britain.

Because they were offered freedom if they became patriot soldiers.

A long time ago, the Americans were with the British, until the American revolution. The loyalists, (they were loyal to the king) listened to King George and gave the patriots (people who were not loyal to the king) heavy taxes. The patriots could not afford that, so they started a war for their freedom. It was the patriots against the loyalists.

They both had slaves because if their owners were fighting as a patriot they would have freedom if they fought as a patriot

Great Britain and America were fighting the revolutionary war and it was for America's independance from Great Britain.The British was versing the Americans at the war the Americans where called the patriots and the British was called the red coats.Also the British was the red coats and patriots where the blue coats.

Patriots believed in Freedom

All true Americans are Patriots.

They were fighting for freedom because they didn't like that the British were taxing them too much and that the colonies couldn't have anyone in Parliament (British Government).

The African Americans mainly participated in the war because they were asked to fight for freedom. The British and Patriots said that if the Africans fight for them, they will get their freedom afterwards. The African Americans were so driven by this offer, many of them registered for the war.

The main role of African Americans in the Revolutionary war was fighting for their freedom. Many African Americans signed up or were drafted in the hopes of gaining monetary gain along with their freedom.

Molly Pitcher (Mary Ludwig Hays) was on the side of the Patriots. (Who were the colonists which were fighting for freedom from the British Crown)

If your question was "Were the British part of the American Revolution," the answer is yes they were the enemy of the Americans. The colonists (the Americans) were fighting for their freedom from Britain.

Loyalists and patriots were all Americans however, loyalists supported Brittan and patriots were all for America

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