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Communities of Practices

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Q: The acronym C-O-P stands for in batlle staff?
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What does COP the british business acronym mean?

It means Close of Play. Refers to the end of the business day.

What is COP 21?

COP 21 was the Climate Change Conference held in Paris in November/December 2015. COP stands for "Conference of Parties" and this was the 21st meeting of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).

What is a M O in cop lingo?

It stands for Modus Operandi, which, in English, means Method of Operation.

What are the role of cooperative field staff in cooperative development in Nigeria?

1 They educate members on the importance of cop. 2 They provide co-operative with necessary skills

What is the COP on the Ford f-150?

COP stands for coil on plug - each spark plug has its own ignition coil Since the 5.4 L - SOHC - V8 engine was first used in the Ford F-150 in 1997 , it has used the COP ignition system . The 4.6 L - SOHC - eventually used the same system

What do you call a person who works at an animal rescue center?

A staff member.

For a thermodynamic system the COP is 5 and the heat supplied to the system is 1 KW?

This looks like the beginning of a question - but it never gets around to the question. Without a question being asked, it's pretty hard to provide an answer. For the benefit of anyone who stumbles upon this non-question, I'm guessing that they might have been looking for the work required to supply 1 KW of heat to the reservoir of a system where the COP is 5. COP is the acronym for "coefficient of performance". It is defined as COP = Q/W where Q is the heat supplied to or removed from the reservoir. If Q is 1kw and the COP is 5, then it would take W = Q/COP = 1 kW/5 = 0.2 kW of work to supply that heat.

What does COP mean in the United Nations?

In the United Nations, COP stands for Conference of Parties, that is, the governing body of a Convention.Conventions with a COP include:United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change United Nations Climate Change conferenceUnited Nations Convention to Combat DesertificationUnited Nations Convention against CorruptionConvention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild AnimalsConvention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Is a cop car still a cop car when there cop in the car?

yes and no

When was Release - Cop Shoot Cop album - created?

Release - Cop Shoot Cop album - was created on 1994-09-13.

What are the ratings and certificates for Bad Cop- Worse Cop- - 2004?

Bad Cop- Worse Cop- - 2004 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

What uniform will a cop wear?

a cop uniform