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Q: The best explanation for how humans populated the Earth is?
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What is the best explanation of Moon phases?

As the Moon passes behind Earth it is covered by Earth's shadow.

Best explanation for why Neiterkob is called the Beginner of the Earth?

Connection between the tribe and the sky god.

Scientists have cloned sheep but have not yet cloned a humanthe best explanation for this situation is?

there are many ethical problems involved in cloning humans

Why earth still the best to live on?

Because earth is the only planet that has oxygen, and earth has the most water on it, which are both necessary for humans to live.

Does the moon exert a gravitational pull on the earth?

Yes, this is what causes tidal changes, however, there are many myths concerning the effects of the moon on humans, animals, plants, etc. one of the best explanation of these effects can be found on the livescience website at livescience dot com.

What is the best explanation for Saturn's density being less than the Earth's?

The Earth is composed primarily of rock and metal, in either solid or liquid state. Saturn is primarily composed of gases such as Hydrogen and Helium. This is why.

What is your planet best known for?

Earth, is famous for being the only planet known by us humans that can support life.

What is the best world for god wars?

One that is fairly populated.

Why are deltas often densely populated?

afghanistan is the best in the world

A comparison of a map that shows the physical features of the Earth with a map that shows population density would most likely lead to the conclusion that?

the ares with the best water resources are the most heavily populated.

Which is the best explanation for how air masses move across the US?

which is the best explanation for how air masses move across the united states

When Earth is gone where should you live?

Mars is the next best option in the future.