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its natural to bleed

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Tongue twister of starts with a and b?

big black bug bit big black bear and big black bear bled black blood

What is the world's hardest tongue twister?

Say This FastA big black bugbit a big black bear,and made the big black bearbleed blood.

What is a book of tongue twisters?

this isn't a book but try this= A big black bug bit a big black bear, made the big black bear bleed blood. By=Cat crazy :)

How much bigger is a polar bear than a black bear?

Polar bears are about twice as big as a black bear.

How big do black bear hamsters get?


What is found of Chicago?

A big black bear in a cave.

What is the predicate in the big black bear growled?


What size can adult grizzly bears get?

they can get very big, big as a black bear.

How big is the biggest asiatic black bear ever?

The biggest asiatic black bear living in china weighed 720 pounds.

Is big foot a black bear?

someone posted the below:No, big foot is a sasquatch.Big foot is also known as a sasquatch, and some sightings could be a black bear, others faked, and others unknown.

How does a black bear looks?

its fairly large but not really big with not to pointy of a nose and its black so all in all it looks like a bear that happens to be black

How big is a black bear?

Depends on the species and size of the black bear. A black bear can weigh from 300-880 pounds, and stand up to 6.6 ft tall on hind legs. Some black bears are big and tough enough to even fight brown bears and grizzly bears!

How big does a black bear get?

1,200 pounds to 2,000 pounds

What shape is a black bear body?

about the size of a big car

Are polar bears as big as an American black bear?

No. Polar bears are much bigger than a black bear. Average size for a polar bear is around half a ton, whereas a black bear will only reach half that size.

How big is a black bear's heart?

A bear heat can be really big and the things that i am saying its true

Adaptations of black bear?

they have big noses so they can dig good and they have big claws for smelling

How big is a black bear in feet?

An adult black bear is between 4 and 6 feet in length and 2.5 to 3 feet in shoulder height.

Which would win a fight a lion or a black bear?

Neither as the black bear is from North America and the lion from Africa and Asia. They never meet in nature.

Who would win in a fight between a black bear as big as a grizzly bear and a grizzly bear?

The grizzly is more lazier than the black bear, but usually in any other cases the grizzly would win the fight.

What is a normal life span of a bear?

The average life for a big black bear is about 20 -23 years old

What animal eats the Halfmoon fish?

A big black scary bear, ah!

Which adjective will describe a bear and begins with b?

· beautiful · big · black · brown

What are 6 signs if a bear is in the area in the game black bear?

1. A big furry animal right behind you. 2. You begin to loose blood. 3. It rips your face off. 4. Does a bear produce fecal matter in the woods? 5. Is there bear fecal matter around you? If so, there might be a bear. 6. You are dead. 7. The bear puts fecal matter on you.

Who much taller is a black bear to a human?

An adult black bear is up to 6.5 ft tall and can be 7 ft tall if it is very big. Compared to a 2 meter man or a basketball player, the black bear can be as tall or slightly taller.

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