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increased by heroin use and increased by vigorous exercise

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Q: The bodys natural production of endorphins is likely to be?
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What neurotransmitter is bodys natural pain reliever?

Substance P

Which neurotransmitter is the bodys natural pain killer?

endorphins looked in my book :)

How do you bleed?

it comes from are bodys natural reaction with knifes it comes from are bodys natural reaction with knifes

What is the bodys natural anticoagulant?

Heparin is the body's natural anticoagulant.

What production is regulated by chemicals that reset the bodys thermostat to a higher setting?


What is the bodys way of getting rid of foreign objects out of the lungs?

Mucous production and coughing.

How can vaccine help the natural defence against VIRUS?

how do vaccines help the bodys natural defences against viruses ??

Why do you close your eyes whenever you sneeze?

This is your bodys natural defense to protect the eyes. It is a reflex.

What medication prescribed for a 9 year old is most likely to cause adrenal insufficiency?

Steroid use will decrease the bodys production and wil cause the tissues that create steroids to atrophy. An abrupt stop in using steroids will result in adrenal insuffiency as the now atrophied tissues are unable to produce endogenous steroids to meet the bodys demands.

How does pathogenic salmonella bacterium enter the human body by overcoming the bodys natural defenses?

through the digestive system.

Why would health improve in hot weather?

it makes u sweat which is the bodys natural way of removing toxins from the body

Is feces a natural substance?

Yes its the bodys' way of ridding it of waste products like undigested food, toxins and mucus