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This can often be fixed by cleaning the phone. Take the front piece of plastic of, and the keys should come off. Then you can clean the key pad - just make sure that it is dry before you replace it!

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Q: The buttons on my cell phone do not work How can this be fixed?
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If the buttons on your cell phone do not work how can this be fixed?

take off the keypad and push all of them and you are done a better answer is that on all phones there is a Jim will fix it button so press it and u r done another way could be to take the battery out and the buttons will start working. this always works for me

If the buttons on a phone do not work what can you do to make them work again?

Take the keypad off or press the Jim button on your phone.

Will my cell phone charger work in Europe?

Yes, your cell phone charger will work in Europe.

What is a slang term for kicking back and talking on your cell phone at work?

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Is it a known issue with the cell phone tracker apps not to work?

Yes it is known for the cell phone tracker app to not work. It's the way the cell phone is made, the model of the phone, it depends what kind of phone it is for the right app to work with it.

Forwarding work phone to cell phone?

Many work phone systems have the capability to forward calls to your cell phone. If they don't, you could get a follow me service to do this.

Why wont your buttons on your cell phone work On My katana?

Its probably water damage take it to a technician at your local cellphone store where ever that may be. they could possibly do something about it

Does a cell phone locator work properly?

A cell phone locator can help a person track the location of a phone for free. The only time it won't work properly is if the cell phone is on airplane mode.

What type of wireless plan will work well for emergency use only?

Pay as you go or prepaid phones are excellent for people on fixed incomes who do not plan on using there cell phone as a primary phone.

Will Bluetooth work on any cell phone?

No. It will work on any cell phone that has a Bluetooth chip installed, though (which is pretty much any phone nowadays).

How cell phone will work?

Suck it

Will your cell phone work in the grand canyon?

yes the phone will work in the grand canyon

What is a cell phone tracker and how do they work?

A cell phone tracker can track someone's location, see their text messages or even read their emails. You can basically see everything on their phone. Check out this site to learn more about cell phone trackers:

Do you need a special cell phone to call a UK cell phone from a US cell phone?

No - usually the mobile networks will do all the 'hard work' for you.

Will gps work if I don't have phone coverage?

YES! Your GPS unit relies on satellites that are in a fixed orbit over the earth (they stay in place and do not move). As long as you are not in a tunnel, your GPS unit will receive signals from several of these satellites (my unit normally "tracks" 9 to 11 of these satellites!) Your cell phone requires an earthbound cell tower to receive or transmit a signal (phone call). So if you're in the middle of nowhere, your cell phone will NOT WORK... but your GPS unit will work flawlessly!

Will the Kyocera KX13 Cell Phone Charger work with Motorolla phones?

The Kyocera KX13 Cell Phone Charger will not work with Motorolla phones.

Does gps work on a cell phone when battery is out?

when it has no power it will not work...

How does a cell phone charger work?

You plug it in to something and then you do some thing then do something and the cell phone does something!!

Will a cell phone work during a hurricane?


How do you get you tube to work on cell phone?

Get the iphone

You got a chip Verizon cell phone but your chip from t-mobile do not work on Verizon cell phone?

No it wont you need to get the Verizon cell phone unlocked for the T-mobile chip to work. Look on the Internet as to how to do this.

Does the GPS function in the cell phone work if the cell phone is turned off?

Yes, a GPS is working independently, but you will not be able to send your coordinates without the cell phone.

Can your cell be tapped by your work?

on a work phone yes but it is highly against the law to tap a home phone

Will a cell phone signal booster work in my home?

Yes, there are such things as cell phone boosters that are used to improve signals. They work by enhancing signal strength.

Will switching sim cards in a cell phone work?

It depends on the phone and carrier.