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This sounds like a bad wheel bearing if the noise is coming from the rear. If the noise is coming from the front and it is a front wheel drive car it has a bad CV joint. If it's a rear wheel drive and the noise is coming from the front you have a bad front wheel bearing.

A choppy worn tire may also do the same, can't say I have heard a cv joint make that sound though.

Need a little more info. Listen to the noise, and notice what direction you turn that makes the noise get louder and what direction gets quiter. If you turn right and it gets quieter, replace the left bearing. If it gets quieter turning left, replace the right. If it is a bearing, applying the brakes will make it slow down. Applying pressure to the rotor slows the tire and bearing and the pressure makes it stop moving as fast, so your noise will get lower.

Some mechanics subscribe to this version:

If you turn RIGHT (which shifts car weight to LEFT) and noise gets LOUDER, replace LEFT bearing.

If you turn LEFT (which shifts car weight to RIGHT) and noise gets LOUDER, replace RIGHT bearing.

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Q: The car sounds likes a roaring sound when in motion and sound like its a something turning and the sound slows down when applying the brakes?
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