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Q: The carbohydrate that circulates in your blood and provides energy for your cells is a?
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What is the carbohydrate that circulates in your blood and provides energy?


What circulates through veins?

Blood, Oxygen, Energy (Glucose)

How does muscels work?

Together! They get their energy from oxygen in the blood that circulates around the body. (the heart pumps the blood around the body)

What is the relationship of the respritory and the digestive system?

what two systems are working together when one circulates blood and the other provides nutrients

How does the circulatory system help you get more energy to cells for running?

The Circulatory System circulates blood throughout the body. This blood has red blood cells that carry oxygen. When you are exercising, your heart beats faster to get more oxygen to the cells. This lets the blood travel faster, delivering more oxygen, which when received by cells is used by the mitochondria (the energy source of cells) to produce energy.

What are two functions of carbohydrate in diet?

Providing energy and the regulation of blood glucose

Who was the first to discover that blood circulates in the body in blood vessels?

In Englishman named William Harvey was first to describe that blood circulates by blood vessels.

What type of carbohydrate is present in blood and circulates throughout the body?

There are many different kinds but possibly the most well known would be glucose, or more commonly known as sugar (C6H12O6)

What is the pump that circulates your blood?


What circulates blood to the heart?


Why is the arota an artery?

Because it circulates blood.

What fuction does the heart perform?

circulates blood