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REPLACE THE COMPRESSOR If the AC compressor is seized, you don't have many options. Yes, you

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Q: The compressor on your 99 Dodge Neon is locking down Do you need to replace the compressor or is there another option besides being hot?
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AC compressor - clutch seems to be locking upmaking noise can only the clutch be replaced or does the entire Compressor need to be replaced?

If the AC pulley is locking up when the ac compressor clutch engages, it's not a clutch problem, it's a compressor problem. But yes, the AC clutch can usually be replaced separately. The problem is, if the clutch is worn out the compressor is probably worn out as well. It usually isn't that much more to replace the whole thing.

How do you replace the AC compressor clutch on 2006 Jeep Liberty?

how do you replace the AC compressor clutch on 2006 liberty

How to Replace a ac compressor on a 1997 Buick park avenue?

how to replace AC compressor on a 97 Buick park Ave

If you replace your compressor do you also have to replace the evap coils?

Absolutely not.

Where is the suspension compressor relay for a Mercedes s430 located?

how to replace air suspension compressor

What will happen when an AC compressor runs out of oil?

The compressor will seize. They are very costly to replace.

How difficult is it to replace a ac compressor on a 96 Tahoe 2wd?

Well the compressor is not hard, I think (without looking at it) it is like 4 bolts, and a couple of connections. The problem is that most good A/C guys will tell you to replace most of the system at once or when you replace the compressor, you will have to replace most of the parts, one after the other, and perhaps eventually replace the compressor again not to far out... From what I understand... the compressor tears parts up inside, and sends them through the lines to the other parts, eventually eating each of them up.

What is the cost to replace the ac compressor clutch bearings in a 1994 mercury grand marquis?

This is not cost effective. It's quicker and cheaper to replace the compressor.

How much will it cost to replace the central locking system on a ford fiesta?

A Ford dealership will have the information about the cost of replacing the central locking system on a Ford Fiesta. Another way to estimate the cost is to get a quote from an auto part retailer.

How do you replace the locking hubs on a 1996 Chevy Tracker?

Locking hubs were not an option on this vehicle as built for the united states. If you truly have them this vehicle needs a mechanic eye to tell you how to replace there are many types pf locking hubs available after market additions

On my 87'toyota truck the pulley on the ac compressor it smoking bad and making a knock how do you know weither to replace the clutch or the compressor or both or is that even the problem?

Sounds like the compressor is shot and it would be best to replace both. Unfortunately when the compressor goes bad it sends metal trash throughout the system. If you replace the compressor with out having the system flushed clean (which is almost impossible to do) the trash in the system will eventually destroy the new compressor.

Compressor Oil?

form_title= Compressor Oil form_header= Replace the compressor oil in your car. What model compressor do you have?*= _ [50] Has the compressor ever been replaced?*= () Yes () No What type of oil does your car use?*= _ [50]

How much does it cost to replace an ac compressor?

New AC compressor for my 93 Ranger was $156.

Can bearings in a compressor be repaired?

No, not by the average home mechanic. Bad compressor? Replace the entire unit.

Instructions to replace a 1999 Grand Prix GTP ac compressor?

To replace the AC compressor in a 1999 Grand Prix you must first remove the AC belt. Then disconnect the negative battery cable before removing the compressor bolts and connectors and removing compressor.

Replace battery on kia sportage central locking fob?

your question needs more explanation. central locking fob . ????????

Do you have to replace coolant when you replacing the ac compressor?

You will have to replace the refrigerant, but not the engine coolant.

How do you replace a compressor belt?

call a mechanic

How do you to Replace compressor AC on 1996?

you have the mechanic do it for you

How do you replace an air conditioning compressor switch?

What kind of car and which switch. There are several that can effect compressor operation.

How do you replace an ac compressor on 2000 dodge caravan?

my ac compressor is bad and i want to change it myself how can i do this

How do you replace the ac compressor in a ford f250 diesel?

Remove all A/C lines from the compressor which will cause you to lose you're R-12, release belt tensioner from the A/C compressor and remove the compressor from the engine bay and replace it with a new one. Installation is just reverse of removal

How do you fix remote central locking on a peugeot 206?

depends on the prob but most likely with 206 replace the central locking motors

How do you replace the air ride compressor on a 1999 Cadillac DeVille Concours?

To replace the air ride compressor on a 1999 Cadillac DeVille Concours remove the air shocks located under each wheel and replace it.

Cost to replace ac compressor for 2000 beetle?

My 2001 Beetle needs an AC compressor. They always replace an extra part or two as well -- the receiver/drier or a new belt. The dealer wants $1600 to do the job. Another shop specializing in VWs wants $1150. I'm hoping to find a less expensive compressor somewhere -- maybe a remanufactured one.