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There could be a loose connection. However, I had the same trouble and it only grew worse. The electronics in the dashboard burned out and the dash needed to be replaced. This is expensive. There are companies out there that rebuild dashboard elctronics and you can buy one used. I think I payed close to 200$. Good Luck

I just had the same problem with the digital dash board. It all went out. Yes there are companies that rebuild them. I got an estimate on mine to get replaced and was over $300. I looked on EBAY and found the digital cluster for $10 and paid $15 for shipping. I found the instructions to replace it myself and after 2 1/2 hours, 2 cups of coffee and 3 cigs, it was itstalled and it works!! So check out EBAY for Chevy S10 digital dash, or just digital dash.

I had the same problem with my 94 Bravada. For a while, I could smack the dash and either the gauges or the speedometer would come back on, but eventually I lost them all. I didn't want to pay for the rebuild without trying something cheaper, so I tore out the electronic dash assembly and dismembered it down to the circuit board. I then got out my old soldering iron and touched each of the solder joints to remelt the original solder and renew the connections. After plugging the dash back in and turning the key on I was amazed that all of the lights actually came on. I couldn't wiggle it hard enough to make them go out!

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Q: The dash board lights in my 94 Bravada come and go does anyone know why?
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Will the lights on the dash come on if your computer board is bad?

yes they should.

Why don't my tail lights and dash board lights go on in my 1992 Bonneville se?

You may have a burnt out bulb that is causing your tail lights and dash board lights to not come on in your 1992 Bonneville. It can also be a blown fuse that is causing your problem.

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1999 Chrysler 300M instrument cluster lights do not always come on?

I had the same issue. In the instrument cluster there are 3 boards. The smallest board with the odometer and transmission status displays also has the 4 lights for the back lighting. This board is plugged into the main board and can easily be changed. Theses lights short out and cannot be changed out individually, the only thing you can do is replace this board.

Why will the dash board lights not come on in your 2003 s10 the fuse is good?

The dash board light dimmer control switch may be turned off or broken.

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check to see if it is plugged in. If it is does the fans and lights come on but wont load up? if so it most likely is the processor or mother board. If the lights and fan doesn't come on then it is the power supply that it bad.

When I turn my lights on at night my Dash board lights do night come on in my 1992 Jeep Cherokee sport what do I do?

Check fuse for tail and parking lights Could be a bad dimming rheostat Could be a bad headlight switch

Why won't the tail lights on your 1989 Chevy truck won't come on?

Probably because the circuit board for the bulbs is rusted out at the bottom

How do brake lights come on in Truck air brakes?

Typically, there's a hot switch attached to the pedal which closes the circuit to the brake lights (or to the CECU board in a truck which uses CAN BUS communication).

96 cadillac devill only headlights come on when turned on with key no dash lights or nothing else?

is there anyone who knows the answer?

What would make running board lights turn on when the door is opened and the key is put in the ignition but turn off once the truck is cranked?

I am not a mechanic, however as an electrician it sounds like the running board lights are wired to the same relay as the interior lights. To check this, simply crank the truck, leave all the exterior lights off, turn on the interior light, then walk around the truck and look at the running board lights. If they are on then turn the interior light off and the parking lights on, check to see if the running board lights come back on. Depending on the make and model of the truck, I could be way off in left field and this info may not apply. uuummmm.....programing?

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All lights come in my 01 old alero when starting the car and will not turn off Anyone having that issue How do you fix it?

your ignitions gone

Why Do your low beams and dash board lights not come on but your fog lights work and so do your high beams if you hold them on in a 1996 dodge ram 1500?

Remove the headlight switch and check it. You will probably find it and its plug melted.

Do fog lights come on automatic when the headlights come on a 2000 Chrysler sebring convertible?

No, the fog lights have a switch.No, the fog lights have a switch.

How come the fan does not shut off on my 2000 bravada?

Have your blower motor resistor or blower motor checked out

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What fuse is for the head lights on a 1995 Chevy Camaro?

I need help please,i have a 1995 camaro. the headlights will not come on at all but the parking lights work.can anyone help im just alone and a female with no help..thank you

Why wont the brake lights work on my Mitsubishi montero when the i turn on the headlights?

Break lights come on when you step on the break, they do not come on when the head lights are turned on.

On a 91 Camry should the brake lights come on as tail lights when you turn on lights or remain out until brakes are applied even if lights are turned on?

In the back should be tail lights which always come on when the headlights or parking lights are on, and stoplights which come on whenever the brakes are pressed. The stoplights should be brighter than the tail lights, but they should be separate.

1999 Bravada doesn't start. Turn the key lights come on here the circuits clicking but does not turn over. Ignition seems loose. Had to make sure it was turned all the way back or battery drains?

try jump starting it

What is wrong with a 1995 dodge neon when all the dash board lights are not working but none of the fuses look blown the seat belt light works though?

I have a 1995 neon dodge and my dash lights will not come on or my tail lights and every time i change the airbag fuse and turn on the car the airbag fuse blows.

What are those lights called on the top of a 1995 34 ton suburban that come on with the park lights?

Cab lights. Wrong.... Marker lights

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my head lights wont come on ,,all other lights work ,,no head lights

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