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The difference between 24KT gold and 24KGP gold plated jewelry?

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24KGP (24kt Gold-Plated) Jewelry is almost always plated

on a base metal and is very shiny orange-ish color and

relatively light in weight. 24KT ( Pure Gold ) Jewelry is "always" very very heavy

in weight( in you hand ) and very bendable if not to thick. If this question was asked because you are considering

purchasing 24 kt Pure Gold. You get what you pay for!

If anybody is offering you Pure Gold 24kt Jewelry for a cheap can bet your's not Pure Gold......

Buy from somone or somebody you trust !!!!

People can't rip you let them !!!! Be Careful ! Richard

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What does 24kGP means on a necklace?

24kGP means 24 karat Gold-Plated...the piece is made of a base metal that has been electroplated with 24 karat gold

What does 24kGP means on a plate?

24 karat gold plated.

Is 24kgp worth anything?

24kgp means that the piece is 24 karat gold plated. A gold plated piece is worth much less than a piece that is 24 karat gold.

What does 24kgp mean?

This means the item has been plated with a thin layer of 24kt gold.

Is a necklace marked 24KGP worth much money?

Depends what you mean by much. The P means that it is gold plated. So there probably is not much gold there at all so I'd say no. 24KGP is not worth much at all.

Is a bracelet real if it says 24kgp?

24 GP means that the bracelet is Gold Plated so it is only coated with gold, it is not solid gold.

How much can you get for pawning a 24kgp necklace?

How much is a 24kgp necklace worth

What does bmny mean on a 24kgp neclace?

Its just the makers name...

What is the difference between gold plated jewelry and electro plated jewelry?

Type your answer here... There is no difference. Electroplating is coating a piece of metal with ions of another metal. One type of ions often used is gold.

Does gold plated jewelry have markings?

What is the symbol mark on gold plated jewelry

What is the differences between gold over sterling silver and gold plated jewelry?

what is the differences between gold plated and gold over silver.

How do you clean nickel plated jewelry?

The Nickel plated jewelry can be cleaned in a vinegar solution or mixture. Steel wool can also be used to clean the nickel plated jewelry.

What is the difference between jewelry and jewellery?

The difference between jewelry and jewellery is correct versus incorrect spelling. "Jewelry" is the correct spelling.

Can you change gold plated jewelry to silver plated jewelry?

If you have the money to exchange the gold for silver...

How much is a 18k gold plated bracelet worth?

First thing will comes to our mind about the What is the difference between 18K gold Jewelry and 18K gold Plated jewelry is the price, 18K gold jewelry is much expansive than 18K gold Plated, it usually will cost you 70-100 USD per gram 18K gold, if your chain necklace weight about 25 grams, then if will cost you 1750- ..

Instructions to paint gold plated or silver plated jewelry chains?

silver plated jewelry chains defenetally! im the best hahah , no im serious.

What is the difference between custom and non custom clarinets?

their difference is their plated ligature>.<

What is the difference between plated and coated?

coated keeps you warm

Can you change gold-plated jewelry to silver-plated jewelry?

If it's really gold-plated ( 10K / 14K / 18K ....) you don't want to plate it with silver for the gold using is the value of the jewelry. Do u mean yellow gold plated to white gold plated? If that's what you want, the answer is yes! You can have it plated to your desired color without changing the gold content!

How can you tell the difference between silver plated flutes and nickel plated flutes?

By the color, obviously. NIckel plated flutes are slightly golden and well, silver plated, they have silver color.

What is the difference between silver plated and sterling silver?

Sterling is solid silver and plated is silver covered on usually copper

What is Gold GE in jewelry?

GE means Gold Electro-Plated or Gold Plated.

Can you sell gold plated jewelry?


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