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24kGP means 24 karat Gold-Plated...the piece is made of a base metal that has been electroplated with 24 karat gold

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Gold plated

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Q: What does 24kGP means on a necklace?
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How much can you get for pawning a 24kgp necklace?

How much is a 24kgp necklace worth

Is a necklace marked 24KGP worth much money?

Depends what you mean by much. The P means that it is gold plated. So there probably is not much gold there at all so I'd say no. 24KGP is not worth much at all.

What does 24kGP means on a plate?

24 karat gold plated.

What does 24kgp mean?

This means the item has been plated with a thin layer of 24kt gold.

Is 24kgp worth anything?

24kgp means that the piece is 24 karat gold plated. A gold plated piece is worth much less than a piece that is 24 karat gold.

Is a bracelet real if it says 24kgp?

24 GP means that the bracelet is Gold Plated so it is only coated with gold, it is not solid gold.

What does a diamond crown necklace mean?

it means a necklace with a diamond crown on it

What does bmny mean on a 24kgp neclace?

Its just the makers name...

Is 24 kgp worth anything in value?

I have a plate that is 24kgp,whats it worth

What does it mean when a girl wears the necklace of his boyfriend?

It either means that the girl simply likes the necklace, or the girl likes the guy who is wearing the necklace, causing the girl to want to wear the necklace.

What does it mean when losing a butterfly necklace you have had for years after a bad breakup?

It means you lost your necklace, nothing else.

What does IV mean on gold necklace?

it means four

What is extras?

That means you have extra paper or extra necklace

What is extra?

That means you have extra paper or extra necklace

10k stamped on a necklace means?

10 karats..

What does blue mean on a mood necklace?

it means calm

What is the necklace of Freya?

Brisingaman. It means fire in Norse.

What does the word collier mean in french?

It means necklace

What does the color green and pink in your mood necklace means?

I think it means happy

If a guy gave me a necklace what does that mean?

well if a guy gives you a necklace if you guys are dating it means he wants to take it to the next step. if a guy gives you a necklace and your just friends, it means he wants you and is scared to make the move.

What does it mean if the mood necklace turns brown?

Usually if a mood necklace goes brown it means cranky or crabby.

What a GA or even a CA mark on a gold necklace stands for It does not have a 10k24k ect stampI am trying to figure out the origin of this necklace and if its real?

The GA means the Georgia Gold while CA means the Californian Gold on the gold necklace.

What is a purity necklace?

A Purity necklace is the same as a purity ring. The difference is it is just a necklace instead of a ring but it means the same thing. I have a purity necklace myself and if you are thinking about getting one it is a awesome thing to have. So like you can have a purity ring, purity necklace, purity bracelet any jewelry really it all means the same thing.

What does the stamp 525 on a necklace mean?

It means it is sterling silver.

What does a necklace stamped 750 Italy means?

18k gold

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