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different types of lava fragments

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What type of eruption does stromboli have?

Stromboli has eruptions of different types which are explosions, quiet eruptions, and showers of lava

Different types of lava?

Different types of lava: A'a Pahoehoe Pillow Lava

What are 3 types of non-volcanic types of eruption?

the two types of volcanic eruptions are magma and lava

Which types of eruptions produce pahoehoe lava?

Quiet Eruptions produce pahoehoe lava. It also can produce Aa lava. Pahoehoe is a fast moving and a hot lava. Pahoehoe looks like wrinkles once it starts to cool down.

What are the two types of volcanic eruptions?

Lava and Tephra (rock, ash, etc.)

What causes different types of volcanic eruptions?

higher silica, sio % creates a thicker lava, lower silica sio% creates a thinner, more runny lava viscosity and resistance

How many different types of lava flows are there?

there are 4 different types of lava flows maybe more

How is Hawaiian lava different from the lava produced by volcanic eruptions elsewhere?

It is not. Hawaiian lava is basaltic, which is the most common type of lava.

What kind of lava do caldera volcanoes produce?

Caldera-forming eruptions do not involce lava flows but massive plumes of ash and pumice. The material produced is usually rhyolite. After a caldera-forming eruption, however, the composition can shift, especially since eruptions can be triggered by the mixing of different types of magma.

What do quiet lava eruptions generally result from?

Volcanic eruptions are always caused by magma. This applies if the eruption is quiet or explosive, or whether the magma is felsic or mafic.

What are the different types of volcanoe?

the different types of volcanoes are cinder cones, shield volcanoes and composite volcanoes. Cinder cones form from explosive eruptions. Shield volcanoes are composed of quiet lava flows. volcanoes built up of alternating layers of rock particles and lava are cold composite volcanoes

How does the type of lava determine the type of eruption?

How explosive the lava is depends on the density of the lava. Different types of lava have different densities.

Do earthquakes have anything to do with volcanic eruptions?

Earth quakes are completely different to volcanic eruptions. Volcanos erupt because of the lava is pushing up.

What are the differences between pahoehoe and Aa what kind of eruption produces these types of lava-?

Pahoehoe is hot, fast-moving lava that has a low viscosity. AA lava has a cooler temperature and moves more slowly. Quiet eruptions are the type that produce these two types of lava.

What causes a volcano to grow?

A volcano grows as a result of eruptions, which add fresh ash or lava to the surface of the volcano.

How does the hydrosphere influence the nature of volcanic eruptions?

The eruptions turn into pillow lava. Pillow lava forms when lava erupts underwater. The lava forms round lumps that are in the shape of pillows.

Lava blown out of a volcano in explosive eruptions is called?

Igneous rock that flowed out of the surface if lava; lava blown out of explosive eruptions is Volcanic Ash, or Tuff.

What are the different types of lava?

A'a Pahoehoe Pillow Lava The difference between the lava is the elements and amount of water inside the volcano. Also, the thickness of the lava.There are 4 different types of lava flows maybe more

True or false Some types of volcanic activity do not involve the eruption of lava?

True. Many eruptions produce massive clouds of ash, gas, and pumice rather than lava. Phreatic eruptions, as another example, are essentially steam explosions.

How many types of lava are there?

There are 6 different types of lava. There is Aa, Pahoehoe, Pyroclastic, Andesitic, Rhyolitic, and lastly Basaltic.

How do volcanoes erupt with no lava?

Why do Alaska valcano's not lava flows when eruptions happen?

What are the types of volcanoes?

There are four main types of volcanoes, namely Shield Volcanoes, Composite Volcanoes, Cinder Cones and Acid-lava Volcano. Shield Volcanoes: * Large base area * Gentle slope * Contains basic lava * Frequent eruptions * Quiet and gentle eruptions * Very tall in height due to large base area Composite Volcanoes: * Relatively small base area * Concave slope * Contains acidic lava * Violent eruptions * Repeated eruptions * Erupts from the side cones * Usually not very tall in height due to gentle slopes Acid-lava Volcanoes * Small base area * Steep slope * Contains acidic lava * Violent eruptions * Creates crater lakes (caldera) after eruptions * Tall in height due to steep slopes Cinder Cones * Small base area * Steep slopes * Symmetrical slopes * Moderate eruptions * Not tall in height as slopes are easily eroded

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