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Q: The doctor gives a new life to patient Justify this statement?
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The doctor gives a new life to patients justify this statement?

a doctor does not give a new life,,he offers service to maintain life as much stable as possible

Who gives the right drugs and dosage to a patient?

The Doctor is the one licensed to give out what type of drugs should be given to the patient and in what dosage depending on the condition of the patient or the age and weight of the patient.

Can doctor share patients email?

No, unless the patient gives him or her permission. If the patient is using the hospital or clinic's computer, the patient may have to consent to have his/her e-mail be viewed by and/or passed on to authorities if required before using that computer.

Can a doctor tell if someone is sexually active?

Doctor can tell by investigating a person mentally only if the patient co-operates and gives own answers. A Psychologist can do this job very finely.

Can you ask your teenage daughters gyny if she is still a virgin?

No, all patients' information is private and legally can only be spoken about with the patient unless the patient gives the doctor permission to talk to a parent or another person about it.

When did doctors begin writing prescriptions?

doctor always gives priscription to patient when he does all invistigations then possible to give priscription.thanks from rakesh kishan lal

What is theory statement?

A statement of theory is a short statement which gives the main idea of research work to the reader.

How does glucose helps patient?

It gives energy)

What do you call a doctor that gives labor?

Ob doctor

Statement that gives the focus to btnCompute?


What does a medicine doctor do?

a medicine doctor obviously gives medicine

Do the benefits of study abroad justify the difficulties?

The benefits of study abroad do in fact justify the difficulties. Study abroad gives a person the ability to experience the kind of life they are studying.

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The doctor gives a new life to patients justify this statement?

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