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You are obviously worried and you do not understand why the doctor has put you on a diet.

You need to go back to the doctor and tell him/her that you do not understand your treatment and ask him/her to explain it to you. If you feel you will not be able to remember what the doctor says, ask the doctor if you can take a family member or friend in with you to hear the explanation. It may also help to write down the questions you want answered as a numbered list and give this to the doctor, this way you will get all the points covered.

It is very common to be overwhelmed when visiting a doctor so do not feel embarrassed about going back and asking this. It will probably also be time to have another blood sugar level test to see if the diet is working!

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Is diabetes related to Pepsi max?

I am a diabetic myself and i am slightly affended by what you but the pepsi max is a ride at blackpool how on earth could it be related to diabetes do you even know what diabetes is. Answer No, diabetes is a metabolic disease and Pepsi Max would neither cause it nor cure it.

When people in new Orleans are buried the head is slightly elevated?

The heads are not slightly elevated as compared to the feet, but people are buried above ground.

Which group built the roman roads and why were they elevated in the middle?

The Roman roads were constructed by the army. They were elevated slightly in the center for drainage purposes.

What does Slightly elevated protein level mean?

A slightly elevated protein level can mean several things. The simplest cause of this result is dehydration. There are other, more serious causes such as liver or bone marrow conditions.

Will your temperature be high during pregnancy?

yes, your temperature is usually slightly elevated.

Are neutrophils elevated after giving blood?

Neutrophil levels can be slightly increased after giving blood

Is type 2 diabetes also known as pre-diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is not the same thing as pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes, or borderline diabetes, is a condition where the body either slows down insulin production or cannot correctly utilize insulin. Blood sugars are slightly elevated at times without taking any oral medication. This is usually associated with obesity and can usually be corrected with proper diet and exercise. If left untreated, pre-diabetes can become type 2 diabetes, which is basically a more severe form of pre-diabetes. With type 2, high blood sugars are usually treated with oral medication, or insulin injections if necessary. Your body does not produce enough insulin, nor does it use it correctly. This differs from type 1 diabetes, where the body does not produce insulin at all.

How can a diabetic get home morgage insurance?

I assume that you are talking about life insurance to cover your mortgage if you die. Life insurance is issued all the time for people with diabetes. Depending on the type and severity of your diabetes, an insurance company will most likely offer you a policy with a slightly or greatly increased premium. Talk with an independent insurance agent in your area, be truthful with them and they can find the best company for you and your situation.

Is 37.5 degrees Celsius a fever?

That would be a mild fever since it is only slightly elevated.

Is it possible to have naturally elevated blood pressure and still be considered healthy?

Having slightly elevated blood pressure isn't always a bad thing. It's when blood pressure is too high that it causes issues. There are many healthy people who have slightly higher blood pressure.

If a woman develops diabetes only while pregnant having it go away after giving birth what are the chances of type one diabetes in the child?

Gestational diabetes is not hereditary in that sense. If you have a daughter then she would have a slightly increased chance of developing gestational diabetes when she has a baby. Answer I developed gestational diabetes while pregnant w/ my now 15 yr old son.It went into" hiding" only to return again in my 2nd pregnancy with my now 11yr old son.Then again it went so called "AWAY" only to return a year after his birth. I have now been a type 1 diabetic for 11yrs...... gestational diabetes is a" warning sign" that within the next 10 yrs you are likely to become a diabetic.Great attention must be taken to your diet NOW if you want to try and prevent yourself from becoming permanently diabetic in the future. As for your daughter becoming a diabetic, they claim that if one or more immediate parents have diabetes your risk factor is high. I have both my son's Hemoglobin A1C and fasting blood sugar levels checked routinely, yearly through their blood work as a precaution hope this helps.........

What will blood pressure or body temperature will be after an 1 hour workout?

around 100 degrees, and bp will be slightly elevated.

What terrain makes up Denmark?

relatively flat, more elevated and slightly hilly terrain in the eastern side

What is the significance of a slightly elevated creatine kinase blood test presumed not cardiac related?

cpk enzymes are found in cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle and the brain, cpk will be elevated 10 to 25 times the normal level following a myocardial infarction, they will also be elevated after a trauma to skeletal muscle and in progressive muscular dystrophy, cpk can be elevated after strenuous exercise.

Is a 5.5 potassium level very high?

A normal potassium should be 3.5-5.3. So yes, it is slightly elevated.

Why is the erythrocyte sedimentation rate for a menstuating female slightly elevated?

because menstruation involves a degree of inflammation, which is what ESR measures for.

Wrong action to elim?

Wrong action to eliminate Metformine, it is for anti-diabetic usage (guess you are diabetic). Gallstones produce a lot of symptoms especially sharp - strong pain under the right rib arch with probable diffusion to right shoulder if they move or got infected (even temperature or vomiting). Gallstones may be removed surgically (endoscopic way). You may check even for Hepatitis A, B & C for the "slightly elevated alt(88)." mentioned above.

Does weed affect you when your diabetic?

When you are referring to "weed" I am assuming marijuana. There has been some "independent" research done by a couple of medical doctors who have type 1 diabetes and their primarily results are that it lowers the BG just slightly about 20 mg/dl. This is not conclusive evidence, because "weed" is still illegal in most countries.

What do slightly elevated lipase mean with normal CT scan of pancreas?

You have a slightly elevated level of an enzyme, known as lipase, that digests fat levels. Raised levels of lipase in the blood serum can indicate a range of pancreatic disease, which you may need to have a biopsy (tissue sample performed) to determine the cause if the CT is negative.

What are three precautions you can take while walk?

Watch where you are walking. A friend broke her wrist by tripping over a slightly elevated sidewalk.

How do oral contraceptives affect diabetes?

Blood sugar levels may increase slightly when oral contraceptives are used

What are snowy owls' nests made of?

The Snowy Owl nests directly on the ground (usually on a slightly elevated area) or on a large boulder.

How do you sit while you're playing the piano?

On a bench or chair, facing the keyboard, wrists elevated slightly so they are even (level) with the knuckles.

My husband is anemic and had a blood test .They notified us that his potassium level was 5.5. His Cardiologist was not concerned. Were we right in accepting his opinion?

The upper normal limit is 5.0, so it is only slightly elevated. However, it can lead to muscle weakness and cardiac arrhytmias which can be fatal. At the very least it should be rechecked soon.

What is prehypertension?

Slightly elevated blood pressure. Left untreated, this can transform into high blood pressure which can lead to heart attack, stroke and heart failure.

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