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The six dimensions of health in terms of a personal assessment of your status?

physical social mental emotional mental environmental

What is a mental status examination?

A mental status examination (MSE) is an assessment of a patient's level of cognitive (knowledge-related) ability, appearance, emotional mood, and speech and thought patterns at the time of evaluation.

What does a mental status examination note about mood?

Mood refers to the underlying emotional "atmosphere" or tone of the person's answers.

What are the way to become socialy healthy?

Health, refers to more than just a person's physical status, but also to their emotional, spiritual, and mental.

What are the features of non-convulsive status epilepticus?

Non-convulsive status epilepticus can manifest with sustained or repeating complex partial seizures with a change in mental status, or simply as a focal seizure with limited physical signs but without alteration of consciousness.

What are the factors influencing nursing practice?

Physical Health status Mental Health Status Social Status Economic Status

Considering what studies reveal about personality and how it can affect development?

Negative emotional traits in adolescence strongly predict less-than-optimal mental health status in earlier adulthood and middle age

How does emotional maturity affects the level of intelligence?

The level of intelligence and the overall health status is the basis of the emotional maturity.

What is the purpose of mental status examination?

To obtain a comprehensive cross-sectional description of the patient's mental state

Is jealousy considered to be a mental disorder?

No, it is only an emotion, unlike others which can be elevated to the status of 'mental disorder' by their effects on the body and mind.

What causes status epilepticus?

The exact pathophysiology of why a seizure evolves into status is complex and not fully understood. However, status epilepticus has many causes, some of which are the same as causes of seizures in general.

How about mentalemotinal and social changes of a girl?

Girls go under many changes throughout their life. Puberty being one of the biggest changes with the mental and emotional changes as hormones come into play. After puberty a girlÕs social status can change if she suffered from the ugly duckling syndrome.

What has the author Eugene H Mullan written?

Eugene H. Mullan has written: 'Mental status of rural school children' -- subject(s): Psychophysiology, Child study. 'Mental status of rural school children' -- subject(s): Psychophysiology, Child study.

What has the author Linda Denise Oakley written?

Linda Denise Oakley has written: 'Psychiatric primary care' -- subject(s): Diagnosis, Interviewing in psychiatry, Mental Disorders, Mental health, Mental illness, Mental status examination, Primary Health Care

What is Altered mental status?

There is a whole array of symptoms that fall under this category.The point of this phrase is it gives us a quick way to say that something new is going on with the patient that affects brain function. Keep in mind that you have to know the patient well enough to know that his symptoms are not normal ("baseline" in medical terms) to him.You can say that someone has altered mental status if he exhibits any of these, or exhibits them more intensely than normal to him:-Confusion-Reducedalertness-Delusions-Reduced emotional control-Impaired judgement-Disruptive behavior changes-Reduced coordinationYou may have someone with baseline dementia who normally doesn't know where he is, and that is not altered mental status for him. But then he gets a urinary tract infection that affects his thinking even more than usual, is more agitated, confused, unable to do what he normally does, and therefore now we would report that he has altered mental status and this leads medical staff to start looking for changes in his health that can affect the brain.

Difference between psychology and social science?

Psychology is the study of a person's emotional behaviors. Social science is the study a person's well being, such as their family status and economical status.

How does the mental health act promote anti discriminatory practice?

The mental health act promotes anti-discriminatory practices because it prevents employers from hiring or firing employees based on an individual's mental health status.

What is the difference of caste and class?

Caste may have been derived from a community associated with a particular type of work for livelyhood in life. Where as class is associated with a status (monetary) in the society or associated with the classifications of governance.

Are old people really old?

It depends on the person's physical and mental status whether or not they are really old.

The current definition of health places emphasis upon?

The answer is one of these choices: the alleviation and cure of disease improved mental health status interrelatedness of physical, mental, social well being the effect of physical illness on mental health

What has the author Jan Bowen Sheldon written?

Jan Bowen Sheldon has written: 'Law & mental health professionals' -- subject(s): Mental health personnel, Mental health laws, Forensic psychiatry, Legal status, laws

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