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Q: The execution of a user program which interacts with the distributed DBMS ia called?
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How distributed information system helps global organization?

A distributed information system consist of multiple autonomous computers that communicate through a computer network.and the computers interact with each other in order to achieve a common goal. A computer program that runs in a distributed system is called a distributed program. example:- Telecommunication network

What does runtime mean?

actually the run time means at the time of executing the program. that means if you write a program and you compile it and you need to execute then during the compilation it is called compile time and during the execution it is called run time .

What is it called when a wave interacts with another wave?


What differences between reentrant function and recursive function?

A reentrant function is called by the program during execution and can be interrupted and recalled later. A recursive function can call itself during execution and repeats itself without interruption.

What is impure procedure?

Set of instruction which form a program gets changed during the course of execution by that instruction behave differently is called impure procedure

What is the area on an enzyme which interacts with the substrate called?

Unactive site.

What are types of Distributed Denial of Service DDoS attacks?

DDoS attacks, spoof attacks, and a newer program called a stresser are the most common types.

Compiling linking and execution of a program?

1) Compiling: It is a build program that are executed during the compilation of a program. At compiling time the program are contagiously Scan for any syntax and semantics error. After compilation the txt file convert into ".obj"(object) file and linking part will be execute.2) Linking: After compiling the Header file and related another files are attach with compiled program file and creates A lot of link betwixt function and there related header file it's called linking.3) Execution: At the end of compilation and linking part the program really prepare to executed for use where in this part ''.obj'' file convert in to ''.exe" file it's called execution of a program.So At first-compiling & linking then Execution of a program. And in file concept- a.txt>a.obj>a.bac>a.exe (say "a" is a program name)*Here .bac is for backup file concept. After some changed in your save program the backup concept carry your previouse text program and save with the extention name .bac.

What is the postponement of the execution of a sentence is called?

It is called a stay.

When a module is executing what happens when the end of the module is reached?

When a module is called, the computer jumps to that module and executes the statement in the module's body. Then, when the end of the module is reached, the computer jumps back to the part of the program that called the module, and the program resumes execution at that point.End

What is an instruction phase together with the execution phase called?

The instruction phase together with the execution phase is called a "Machine Cycle".

The study of how everything in an ecosystem interacts in order to survive is called?


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