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Yes of course you can. Visitation rights or shared custody should be settled when they are babies.

There should have been a visitation order entered at the time the father was granted custody. There is no age restriction. Unless you were deemed an unfit parent you have the right to a visitation schedule. You should return to the court that issued the custody order and request a visitation schedule.

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Q: The father got custody years ago the children are 9 and 14 and he won't let me see them. How old does the child have to be for visitation in Colorado and can I fight for visitation?
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Who has custody of children born out of wedlock in state of Colorado?

The mother. The father have to prove paternity in court and petition for visitation or custody. He can then also pay child support.

Can an abusive father get custody or visitation of the child?

He will not get custody, but he can get supervised visitation.

If a father gave full custody of the children to the mother on their divorce papers what right does the father still have to see his children or share custody?

You have the visitation rights that were established in the divorce, and you have no custody rights.

What are an unwed mother's rights in Colorado?

You have full custody and legal guardianship. The father have to go to court to get his parental rights and petition for custody, visitation and pay child support.

Does father have to sign papers for children to go on cruise with mother who has custody and father has visitation?

If the children are leaving the country, yes. See related question link.

If a father in Florida is denied the visitation rights can he petition for sole custody?

Being denied visitation or not, a father can petition for sole custody. The two situations are not related.

Does an unwed mother have sole custody?

Yes, the father have to go to court to get visitation or custody.

What rights to custody of your children does the step father have in the event you were to die?

If the child has been residing with the step-father for x amount of time he may be able to get physical custody of the child unless the biological father wants to take the physical custody than he can get visitation.

Can a mother deny visitation rights to the father while going through divorce?

When married they both have equal right to the children so if there is no court order for temporary custody she can not. In that case the father can in fact go to court and get temporary custody if he wants. If there is one there should be a schedule for visitation.

If the father has visitation rights and has not seen the child can you get full custody and receive child support?

How does he have any visitation rights with a custody and child support order?

What happens with sole custody after the father is awarded visitation in Tennessee?

The mother can still have sole legal and physical custody when the father is awarded visitations. Custody and visitations are separate matters. The mother would be required to obey the visitation schedule.

Who has the custody of a child if the parents aren't married in Michigan?

The mother. The father have to apply for visitation and custody in court.

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