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The first inventors of cable tv?

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What is the duration of The Inventors TV series?

The duration of The Inventors - TV series - is 1800.0 seconds.

What was cable TV first used for?

Obviously, to watch TV.

When did The Inventors - TV series - end?

The Inventors - TV series - ended on 1979-12-29.

When was The Inventors - TV series - created?

The Inventors - TV series - was created on 1979-09-15.

When did cable first come about for TVs?

Cable television first became available in 1948 and subscription services began in 1949. By 2006, 60% of Americans subscribed to basic cable services.

When was Cable Television first available to the public?

CATV was actually first commercially available in 1948, not '38. Cable Television first was perfected in 1938 So it was available to public in 1938

Can you record a cable program on your VCR if your cable is run to the TV without a cable box?

Yes, you can as long as you have the coax cable connected to the VCR first and then to your TV. Some TVs have RCA A/V outputs also and you can connect a VCR to them. Even better is to use the RCA A/V connections from the cable box to VCR, VCR to TV.

What cable connects TV to cable box?

A Cable box and TV are connected together through a RF cable.

Satellite and cable to one tv?

depending on the tv you could use different a/v inputs. if it is basic cable it can be connected to antenna input on the satellite receiver will work as if connected strat to the TV. if it is a digital cable box the first is only option.

Cable Television?

form_title=Cable Television form_header=Watch all of your favorite shows on cable with a cable tv service! Do you want basic or extended service?= [] Basic [] Extended [] Not Sure How many televisions do you have?= {(),1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} When would you like your cable installed?=_ Do you currently have a cable TV provider?= () Yes () No

Do I need to have cable tv to have the cable company be my ISP?

You will need to have the internet thru your cable company but not cable tv service.

What is the difference between Dish Network and cable network?

cable tv is expensive cable tv has a fixed number of transmitted signals with cable tv, the number of channels lowers the quality of picture and sounds cable tv is expensive

Do you need cable for satelllite tv?

If you are asking if you need to have cable television, at the same time, then the answer is NO! But, you DO need a cable connecting the satellite to your television.

That cable has nothing to do with laptops or TV.?

That cable has nothing to do with laptops or TV.

How good is cable tv service?

Cable TV service, especially digital cable TV, is as good as satellite TV. The only difference is, cable TV is still there when a storm occurs and won't have to keep searching for a connection like satellite TV is known to do.

What was the cause and effect of cable television?

There are many causes and effects of cable television. These causes and effects of cable television include entertainment and laziness.

How do you connect a psp go to a tv?

The first thing you need is a AV cable to connect you psp go to your tv.

When was the first cable tv invented?

Cable TV was invented as a response to poor over the air reception. In 1948, companies in Arkansas, Oregon, and Pennsylvania started sending TV signals down coaxial cables.

What did Lydians first make?

they were the first inventors of coins

How much is a PSP TV cable?

In the US, a PSP TV cable is $20.

Do you have to have the TV cable took up on 350 trans?

What??? There is no TV cable on a transmission.

When was SPC Cable TV created?

SPC Cable TV was created in 199#.

When did Cencom Cable Television end?

Cencom Cable Television ended in 1993.

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