The force required to open air bags is dangerous for?

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The force required to open air bags is dangerous for children, infants, and small adults.
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Why do air force planes taxi with their cockpit open?

Answer . I know in a non-military plane the cockpit can get very hot inside when not flying because the cooling of the cockpit is brought by the highspeed movement of the aircraft. So I would imagine that it is because its uncomfortable in the heat if the cockpit is closed.

What is the minimum force required to pull a 50 kg bag of fertilizer across the floor if the coefficient of friction is 0.37?

The formula for friction is F r = μR Where μ is the coefficient of friction, and R is the normal contact force. So the normal contact force will be Mass x gravity = 50*9.81 = 490.5 0.37 * 490.5 = 181.485 N It is worth noting that that answer is too precise and also that I ignored the vect ( Full Answer )

Do air bags contain air?

Its an air bag. Yes, it has air in it. When a car crash happens, the bag fills up with air very quickly.

Are plastic bags dangerous?

Yes when it is not used properly. Example when you burned it and you inhale the smoke, it might trigger your lung problem or give you problem in your lungs. Another thing is that, when you just put it anywhere and your little kids get it and play with it they might be suffocated when placed in their ( Full Answer )

Why are plastic bags dangerous?

You could lose oxygen, when a plastic bag is over your head, and suffocate. Plastic bags and other garbage are also, if not properly disposed of, very dangerous to animals; leaving this kind of trash lying around is bad for us and the environment in general.

When did the Air Force Academy open?

The academy was established in 1954 , and the first class (class of 1959) was sworn in on July 11, 1955 . The pemanent campus located near Colorado Springs, Colorado, opened its doors on August 29, 1958.

In what year did the Air Force Academy open?

The academy was established in 1954 , and the first class (class of 1959) was sworn in on July 11, 1955 . The pemanent campus located near Colorado Springs, Colorado, opened its doors on August 29, 1958. .

What year were vehicles required to have air bags?

On 11 July 1984, the U.S. government amended Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 208 (FMVSS 208) to require cars produced after 1 April 1989 to be equipped with a passive restraint for the driver. An airbag or an automatic seat belt would meet the requirements of the standard. Airbag introduction ( Full Answer )

Can air be dangerous?

Yes - to animals who are not adapted to breath it eg fish, at the wrong pressures and temperatures eg at the top of mountains or inside a furnace. there are many places where air can be dangerous and many organisms to whom normal atmospheric air is harmfull

Material required to make a bag?

Please let me know how to calculate, how much material of HDPE of specific gravity of 0.945 gm/cc needed to make a 10x10 size of bag with the thickness of 10 micron.

What are Air force reserve requirements?

Age 17- 34 Good moral standing Good physical condition (i.e. no history of asthma, diabetes, respiratory problems, muscular dystrophy etc)

When does Air Force Academy open?

\nWell depending on the year of the appointees school or basic training will usually start in the end of June.

Are there any Air force Security Forces requirements?

Other than basic enlistment requirements there is a strength test, a color vision test, an ASVAB result standard, and criminal justice limitations such as no one convicted of a domestic violence charge may be Security Forces the USAF. Check with your local recruiter for the most up to date informa ( Full Answer )

Need the best answer for the basic requirements to get a job in air force?

If you are talking about the US Airforce you will as a minimum need to pass a health physical and take an armed services vocational apptitude battery of tests (ASVAB) covering your scores in four critical areas -- Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension and Mathematics Knowledg ( Full Answer )

Are oven bags dangerous?

They can cause steam scalding if you place your face near the bag when opening it.

Is the air force dangerous?

Yes. But, it depends what are you in the air force, where you fight and who's on you, and much more. Chances, chances, chances.

How long is the air force cross training window opened?

The retraining window for four-year enlistees is between 35 and 43 months time in service and for six-year enlistees it's between 59 and 67 months. However, at an overseas location like Incirlik, the retraining window shifts. If you're overseas, the retraining window is 15 to nine months prior to ( Full Answer )

What is the physics behind the dangers of air bag safety?

the extremely rapid inflation of airbags. not wearing a seatbelt when an airbag inflates. being positioned incorrectly in the seat when an airbag inflates. if this question is for study island the answer is all of the above.

Is the dust in air bags dangerous?

Yes, it destroys your lungs because of a corrosive chemical.........Dont inhale it That is very right indeed. When you are in an accident try to get out of there as fast as possible so you cant breath it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is required in air force personal mobility bag?

The question is too general for a response, as there are many different mobility bags. Many "mobags" are generalized, i.e. A-Bag, B, C, D, and E-Bags. Each MAJCOM, UTC, and even AFSC can have a variation of any of the afore mentioned, i.e. A-1 Bag, C-1 Bag, etc. A _-Bag for aircrew would be differen ( Full Answer )

Speed to open the air bag?

It depends on what you crash into , a solid concrete wall with no " give " or another vehicle , the collision has to have enough " force " to require the air bag(s) to inflate

What speed does and air bag open when hitting another car?

Airbags are designed to deploy only when they might be needed to prevent serious injury. In order for airbags to be effective they must deploy early in a crash; in a frontal crash this typically occurs within the first 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds). A vehicle's airbag control module relies on feedb ( Full Answer )

What are the requirments to get into the Air Force Academy?

First, an applicant must meet all eligibility requirements. This includes: being a United States citizen (unless applying to represent an allied nation of the United States), being 23 or under as of the first day of Basic Cadet Training, being unmarried with no dependants, and being able to pass all ( Full Answer )

Is a bag dangerous?

Yes some bags can be dangerous, for example a plastic wal-Mart bag can make somebody suffocate

Why are plastic bags dangerous for kids?

If children are very young, they might swallow the plastic which can choke them. They can also put the bag over their head and then not be able to breathe.

Are there any height requirements to become a pilot at the air force academy?

Standing height 64 inches minimum to 77 inches maximum for both pilot and navigator qualification. Sitting height 34 inches minimum (pilot) and 33 inches minimum (navigator) to 40 inches maximum (both), measured while sitting erect, the distance from top of head to chair seat.

Are ribbons required on air force blues?

As per the new AFI 36-2903 Ribbons. All ribbons and devices will be worn on the men's service dress uniform. However, if the service coat is not worn then states that all or no ribbons and devices will be worn on the shirt itself.

What does an air bag do to the acceleration of the person as they land compared to hard ground and how does this change the net force on the person as they land compared to hard ground?

The airbag reduces the deceleration experienced on impact. In terms of acceleration, this means that the airbag has lowered the rate at which the downward acceleration decreases . If a falling person hits solid ground then their velocity goes from high to zero almost instantaneously. This mea ( Full Answer )

How to fill the air in air bag?

If you are refering to an air bag in an automobile, then those bags are filled, very quickly, from a pyrotechnic device called a gas generator mounted at the base of the bag. Small sensors mounted in the car sense when you hit something hard and they ignite the pyrotechnic charge, which burns rapidl ( Full Answer )

Can you have your lip pierced in the air force if not can you put something in it to keep the hole open?

Simple answer is NO. They consider clear retainers a piercing, and it won't be authorized to wear either in uniform, or on base in civilian clothes. Off base, in regular clothes, do what you will. Now, wether or not anyone notices the clear retainer is another story, but some hard-ass blue-blood AF ( Full Answer )

What is the danger in using plastic bags?

Plastic bags do not decompose properly, and cause harm to the environment. In today's day and age, this is a very bad thing, due to pollution from heavy industrialisaton. It is recommended that you invest either in an eco-friendly bag (available for a small sum either online or from stores) or bio- ( Full Answer )

What are the dangers of baby sleeping bags?

Sleeping bags for babies have a number of risks. One risk is that the child could become overheated. Another more serious risk is that the child could become unable to breathe and would be at risk of death.

What is required to find a job in Air Force?

First of all, to get a job in the Air Force one should preferably be a citizen of the U.S.. Non-citizens can join the Air Force, however it is a complicated process involving birth certificates, green cards, and the jobs are very limited which require special security measures in order to obtain. Fi ( Full Answer )

In what year was Randolph Air Force Base opened up?

The Randolph Air Force Base opened up in 1931. Randolph is a flying training facility for the United States Army Air Corps, the United State Army Air Forces and the Air force during its entire existence.

Are commercial vehicles required to have air bags?

No airbags are not mandatory on all vehicles. In the united statesairbags are mandatory on vehicles under 8500 gvw(gross vehicleweight rating), but might be standard/optional equipment from themanufacturer.