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The fuel used in an atomic reactor is?


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Most water moderated reactors use yellowcake powder: a uranium oxide enriched to 3% uranium-235. A few reactors use metallic uranium, sometimes enriched past 20%. Some experimental reactors use plutonium or mixed uranium & plutonium.

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Fuel used in a nuclear reactor is uranium, the active isotope is uranium 235 which is fissile.

Thorium must be converted in a breeder reactor to Uranium-233, which can be used as reactor fuel.

Atomic fuel is used for producing electricity. It is also used for producing atomic weapons.

U-235 is the fissile isotope that produces the reactor power output in new fuel. During operation some of the U-238 is converted to plutonium which also contributes to the power of the reactor, an increasing amount as the U-235 is used up.

The nuclear fuel either loaded in adedicatednuclear reactor or in an atomic bomb

A fuel used in a nuclear reactor is enriched 92U235

Neptunium is a chemical element. Atomic Number: 93, Atomic Symbol: Np. Neptunium is fissionable. For this, it is used as fuel in a fast neutron reactor or in a nuclear weapon. Neptunium is not a magnet.

Plutonium, but it's mostly used for weaponry and the reactor should probably be modified I think.

Fuel in a nuclear reactor is located in the core of the reactor. It is there that the fuel, which is sealed (welded) inside plates or tubes, is situated in fuel bundles.

Fuel cells are an important part of a nuclear reactor. The component that powers the nuclear reactor is the reactor core and the fuel cells are found inside and hold uranium dioxide.

Fuel cells in a nuclear reactor hold uranium dioxide, a concentrated form of power for the reactor. There are several hundred fuel cells which are held within the reactor core.

uranium-235 your welcome :)

The used fuel in a nuclear power plant is the nuclear fuel being discharged from the nuclear reactor after being irradiated during reactor operation. It is usually composed of trans-uranium heavy elements, a wide variety of fission products (that resulted from the nuclear fission processes in the nuclear reactor) and products of radioactive decay (produced before and after fuel discharge from the nuclear reactor).

The waste from nuclear reactors can in principle be reprocessed to extract plutonium, which can be used to fuel nuclear reactors. But this is not "renewable" it is just recycling fuel the reactor made, this process can at best multiply the amount available reactor fuel by roughly 100 times, then we run out. Only France reprocesses their nuclear waste, other countries have abandoned it largely from the unjustified fear that reprocessed plutonium reactor fuel might be "stolen" to build atomic bombs (normal power reactor generated plutonium has very high levels of the undesired plutonium-240 and plutonium-241 which make it impossible to build working atomic bombs with that plutonium).

Typically, Uranium-235 is used as fuel in nuclear reactors.

Yes, uranium is used as nuclear fuel in nuclear power reactors.

The essential installation is the nuclear reactor.

Deutrium and tritium are needed as fuel in fusion reactor.

Uranium which is a fuel is used in atomic bombs and in nuclear power stations.

This is used in the nuclear reactor that is known as Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) in which heat produced by the nuclear fission in the nuclear fuel allows the light water reactor coolant to boil. Then, the nuclear reactor moisture separator is used to increase the dryness of the produced steam before it goes to the reactor steam turbines.

The number of fuel pins in a reactor will vary depending on its design and objectives. In one reactor that I worked with, I seem to recall 137 fuel assemblies, with four bundles each, with 62 fuel pins each. That translates to 33,976 fuel pins in the reactor, each about 12 feet long.

No, Enriched Uranium-235 is used in a nuclear reactor as the fuel in the fuel rods and boron is used in the control rods.

The nuclear fuel is found in the fuel rods. These fuel rods are formed into fuel bundles called fuel assemblies, and together they make up the reactor core.

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