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German General Erwin Rommel However, many don't know that Lt-General Erwin Rommel arrived in Africa in February 1941 with the advance units of the Deutsches Afrika Korps (DAK) he was officially reported to the Italian Command (Commando Supremo). He was given command of the Italian XX Corps under the command of General Gariboldi's Italian 5th Army. The Italian Command gradually gave General Rommel the command of the 5th Army. It wasn't until 2 December, 1941, that Hitler promoted Rommel to Field Marshal, thus making him the technically the ranking commander over the Italians.

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Q: The general who led the German offensive in north Africa?
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Who was the German general in control of the north Africa?

Erwin Rommel .

What was a goal of the North Africa offensive?

The WWII North African Campaign's goal was to drive the German Army (Rommel) out of Africa

Who was a revered German general and led the Axis campaign in North Africa?


Who was the US general who deafted the German and Italian troops in North Africa?

Patton .

British general Montgomery and us general defeated the German and Italian troops in north Africa?

U.S. General Patton

What us general defeated the German and Italian troops in North Africa?

George Washington

What Nazi German general fought the British in North Africa?

Erwin Rommel the "Desert Fox".

Who was the leader of the Africa Corps for the US?

The "Africa Corps" was the German unit fighting in North Africa under the command of General Rommel, the "Desert Fox." The commander of US tank units opposing Rommel in North Africa was General George Patton.

Top German general in north Africa whose advance was finally halted at El Alamein by british general Montgomery?

Erwin Rommel

Who was credited with leading German forces into North Africa during World War 2?

General Erwin Rommel

What army did the German General Rommel lead in the battles of North Africa in World War 2?

Rommel led the German army referred to as the Afrika Korps.

Who was the German leader in North Africa?


German tank commander in north Africa?

the lead General of the Afrika Korps was Genereal Erwin "Desert Fox" Rommel

Who were the generals involved in the battle for northern Africa?

The two titans who clashed in North Africa were German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel and British General Bernard Montgomery.

In which country in North Africa did the German surrender?


What did General Patton do in World War 2?

he fought in north Africa he fought in north Africa

Victorious General in North Africa during World War 2?

Bernard Montgomery was a famous General for Britain when he defeated German Field Marshall Rommel/The Desert Fox

What was the German name for their troops fighting in North Africa?

The name for the German forces fighting in Africa were called the Afrika Corp.

Who was the victorius US general in North Africa?

General George Patton.

Who invaded north Africa?

hilter never invaded north Africa, the Italians and Vichy French held most of north Africa. It was invaded by General Montgomery and General George Patton. Or the Americans and British

Field marshal who led German forces into north Africa?

General Erwin Rommel(he became Field Marshal Later) General Rommel did not lead the Germans "into" North Africa. He joined the German forces there after they were sent to help the Italians. At first, the Germans and General Rommel were under the command of the Italian Commando Supremo. It wasn't until Hitler promoted Rommel to Field Marshal was he the highest ranking general officer in Italy.

Who fought against Edwin Rommel in the desert?

Rommel was the German commander in North Africa, from about 1940 to 1942. His primary opponent in Africa was the British general Alexander Montgomery, although there were a couple of battles against the American general George Patton.

Which continent is in the north of mauritius?

Europe is the continent north of Mauritius (or Africa in general)

Who was the German general who was defeated by the british general?

Might you be referring to Erwin Rommel in North Africa in 1942 in the third and final battle of El Alamein, 60 miles south of Alexandria? The British General who defeated Rommel was General Montgomery.

Who commanded the invasion of north Africa?

At first it was one German general but he flubbed up and got replaced by General Irwin Rommel. He became known as the Desert Fox by the Allied Forces. He was a tricky general and was hard to outfox.