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During the Vietnam War, there were many people who lived in South Vietnam who supported and fought for the North Vietnamese. They were known as the Viet Cong.

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The Khmer Rouge was the communist group that seized control of Cambodia in 1975. They instigated the Cambodian Genocide, which killed three million people. The Khmer Rouge was deposed in 1979 by the Vietnamese army.

To take over South Vietnam spreading Communist rule.The Vietcong was South Vietnamese group who's main concern was the expulsion of outside forces (mainly USA). They themselves were not concerned with political rule, but wanted to create an environment in which the North Vietnamese forces (North Vietnamese Army and the Vietminh) could establish a communist state.

Vietnamese is its own ethnic group. Within Vietnam, the dominant ethnic group (which is externally called Vietnamese) is called Kinh (pronounced Kiñ).

Burkinabé Communist Group was created in 1983.

Communist Bulletin Group was created in 1981.

Communist Bulletin Group ended in 1993.

Communist Unity Group was created in 1920.

In 1956 the first group of 80 North Vietnamese Air Force pilot trainees were sent to Communist China.

Revolutionary Communist Group of Colombia was created in 1982.

Yes, the Vietnamese ethnic group is a part of the Asian race.

to develop a stronger form of government

Nationalists. Historically, Nationalists have been supported by those who see the world as divided by cultures as opposed to divisions in political systems, regional values, or realpolitik alliances.

anti communist group leader

FLN stands for National liberation front which was a small group of nationalists.

Ho Chi Minh and North Vietnam fought against France, America, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Laos, Thailand and other Vietnamese soldiers during different stages of the war.The Vietnam war is divided into 4 general stages.1. The French phaseVietnam was once a colony of France, and was part of French-Indo China. From 1945 to 1954, the Vietnamese fought against French soldiers in Vietnam. France surrendered in 1954.2. The Vietnamese phase (civil war)After France pulled out, there were two groups in Vietnam contending for power: the Communists, and the Nationalists. It was agreed that the country would be temporarily divided, and that the Communists would control the regions north of the 17th parallel, and the Nationalists south of that line. The two regions were supposed to be reunited after general elections, but these were never held. So from 1954 to 1964, the war was between the Vietminh (Northern Vietnamese Army) and ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam, the south). Later, another group of Vietnamese fighters, called the Vietcong (or National Liberation Front) joined the war. The Vietcong was made up of Communist sympathizers in South Vietnam, and they joined the Vietminh to fight against the Nationalists in the South.3. The American phaseIn 1964, the US sent combat troops to aid the Southern Nationalists. At around this time, other countries like South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Laos and Thailand also sent troops to help the South, at the urging of the US. The Americans pulled out in 1973.4. The Vietnamese phaseFrom 1973 to 1975, the Vietnamese continued to fight a civil war between Communists and Nationalists. In 1975, the Communists won.Source: Global Forces of the Twentieth Century - Second Edition by E. Alyn Mitchner and R. Joanne Tuffs

A group of chemically combined atoms is called a moleculeby jay from sjv

Spanish Civil WarIt was between the Popular Front and the Nationalists. The republicans, who were in power at the time, retaliated to a military uprising in 1936, which started the war. The Nationalists then sided with the Army. The Nationalists and the Popular Front were both coalitions of different political groups who sided with either the left or right wings for a beneficial outcome should they win the war. The republicans were the most powerful group in the Popular Front as they were communist and so received aid from the USSR. the Nationalists were also a coalition as they were fascist, they received a lot of help from Hitler ans Mussolini (or Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy).

The People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs was the communist secret police in Russia. Abbreviations for the group are actually NKVD.

they were the south vietnamese irregulars

Lenin's Communist group was known as the Bolshevik Party. After the revolution, in March 1918, the Bolshevik Party changed its name to the Communist Party and from then on were known as communists instead of Bolsheviks.

The malayan communist party is a terrosist group actingin Malaysia before Independence.

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