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Hmmm... you might have a cat in side your car! If the cat is lying in your car then when you press the horn its actually touching the cat and its the cat that you are hearing. OR you dont press the horn hard enough!! glad we could help! justin&caitlin

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I doubt any terrorist is normal. Abnormal is a better description.

What is the opposite of doubt?

The opposite of doubt is certainty. The opposite of a doubt about a person could be trust.

Your period was the normal 5 days but it was lighter then normal and your breast itchy and red could you be pregnant?

When in doubt, take a pregnancy test. Usually the first sign of pregnancy is a missed period and sore breasts.

Can you give me a sentence with the word doubt in it?

I wish I could, but I don't think I could do it.Not a sentence expressing doubt, silly, a sentence with the word doubt in it:The writer of the first sentence has doubt in his ability to write the sentence requested.

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Depends on what kind of snake bites the duck, if it is poisonous it could make the duck sick or could kill it. If it is just a normal water snake the I doubt that it will be able to kill the duck.

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Mirena is used to treat heavy periods as well as for contraception, so if your periods were normal it may reduce them to spotting. If in doubt take a pregnancy test.

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If you feel it's normal I think your husband is wishful thinking. I doubt if you are pregnant.

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It could be because of accessing personal information, or something that is allowed for people to "hack" others accounts with. You could always call the support team to ask them of this question as well, but I doubt this would be bad.

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It could be normal because the heart needs to pump more blood to contribute to the fetus. If there's any doubt, please refer to a physician.

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You can pray about anything. If you are guilty I doubt your prayer will be answered to your satisfaction.

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you could say "i doubt he went to the store today."When you really don't believe someone like" I doubt you can eat a whole pie in 30 seconds" or " I doubt you can get an 100% on that test"

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around $350 (if i remember right. that or 135 but i doubt that).. trust me.. dont get one.

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Absolutely. Research Terry V. Ohio if you have anymore doubt.

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i doubt it could be traced accurately

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You could if you were an expert, but I highly doubt it.

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He could be, but I doubt it because he's 9 :/

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it could happen but i doubt it