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The life cycle of fern?

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Ferns are vascular plants differing from the more primitive lycophytes by having true leaves (megaphylls). They differ from seed plants (gymnosperms and angiosperms) in their mode of reproduction - lacking flowers and seeds. Like all other vascular plants, they have a life cycle referred to as alternation of generations, characterized by a diploid sporophytic and a haploid gametophytic phase. Unlike the gymnosperms and angiosperms, the ferns' gametophyte is a free-living organism. Life cycle of a typical fern: # A sporophyte (diploid) phase produces haploid spores by meiosis; # A spore grows by mitosis into a gametophyte, which typically consists of a photosynthetic prothallus # The gametophyte produces gametes (often both sperm and eggs on the same prothallus) by mitosis # A mobile, flagellate sperm fertilizes an egg that remains attached to the prothallus # The fertilized egg is now a diploid zygote and grows by mitosis into a sporophyte (the typical "fern" plant).

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the life cycle of a fern begins when a fertilized egg, or zygote, grows into a new sporophyte.

in the life cycle of a fern, the dominant and recognizable stage is the diploid sporophyte. the the younger sporophyte grows from the gametophyte.

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The Sporophyte life cycle is the dominant stage in Ferns (vascular non-seed plants)

The diploid sporophyte stage of the fern cycle is dominant. In seed plants, the opposite is true; the haploid gametophyte stage is dominant for these.

It is different because the reproduction is spread by the wind. The wind carries the pollen and the pollen fertilizes the seed.

You will see fiddleheads in the first stage known as transition in the life cycle of a fern. The fiddleheads are delicately divided when they expand into fronds.

The life cycle of a fern includes both a gametophyte and sporophyte generation. A diploid zygote formed on the gametophyte develops into a sporophyte, a fern. The sporophyte releases haploid spores that germinate into gametophytes. The life cycle of a conifer consists of male and female cones produced on an adult plant, the sporophyte. The male produces pollen grains that fertilize eggs retained within the female cone. The fertilized egg develops into a seed. When released and conditions are favorable, the seed germinates into a young sporophyte.

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