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The life cycle of a tapeworm starts with a human eating undercooked, infected meat. The tapeworm will then grow and release small packages of fertilized eggs and sperm. These packages are excreted by the host. If they happen to land in grass, for instance, the package will open. By that time, the tape worm eggs will have developed. The eggs are released onto the grass. If a cow were to eat that grass, the eggs would become larvae and burrow into the cow's muscle. If that cow was eaten without being cooked thoroughly, the whole cycle would start again.

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What do you call a tapeworm in a dog?

A tapeworm in a dog is called the same thing, a tapeworm. The most common kind of tapeworm found in dogs is the Dipylidium Caninum, which is the cucumber tapeworm or double-pore tapeworm.

Can humans get tapeworm?

Humans get tapeworm by not washing their hands after using the restroom or touching germy things, or others who have tapeworm. Tapeworm IS contagious.

Can you get tapeworms from your dog?

No, for two reasons. First, tapeworms are species- specific for the definitive host (when the tapeworm starts to look like a tapeworm) - the canine tapeworms cannot infest human intestines.Second, tapeworms have a complex lifecycle - they must pass through both definitive and intermediate hosts. For the most common canine tapeworm (Dipylidium), the intermediate host is a flea that must be ingested by the dog. So long as a human is not eating fleas, this cannot happen.

Is lifecycle one word or two?


What kingdom is a tapeworm in?

The tapeworm is in kingdom Animalia

What is the tapeworm in cats?

a tapeworm is a parasite, BAD!

What kingdom is the tapeworm in?

The tapeworm is in the animilia kingdom 

Is a tapeworm an organism?

Yes, a tapeworm is an organism.

What is a lifecycle?

a lifecycle is the life of a living thing ( including plants).

What is the smallest tapeworm?

Fish tapeworm Diphyllobothrium latum

Is tapeworm a bacteria or a virus?

tapeworm is not a virus but a parasite

Is a tapeworm an arthropod?

Cestoda is the actual classification of a tapeworm.

What is one type of tapeworm?

dwarf tapeworm is one

Which is a parasite a sponge a tapeworm a planarian or a jellyfish?

A tapeworm.

Where and how can you become infected by tapeworm?

If you go into the water infested with tapeworms then the tapeworm can climb up your anus. If a woman is infected with tapeworm and the tapeworm hasn't gone into her intestines yet then the tapeworm might climb up your testicles if you have anal sex.

What is tapeworm?

A tapeworm is a parasite that grows and lives inside of your intestines.

What is the scientific name for a tapeworm?

the scientific name for tapeworm is 'Cestoda' .

What cells are a tapeworm made of?

The tapeworm is made of animal cells.

When did Tapeworm Railroad end?

Tapeworm Railroad ended in 1839.

When was Tapeworm Railroad created?

Tapeworm Railroad was created in 1838.

A tapeworm lives off the nutrients in an animal and digestive tract. Therefore a tapeworm is?

Therefore a tapeworm is a parasite.

Which endoparasite causes Taeniasis?

Taeniasis is a tapeworm parasite; Taenia solium (the pork tapeworm) Taenia saginata (the beef tapeworm)

What is the larva stage of a butterfly's lifecycle called?

the butterfly lifecycle is called metamophoris

Is a tapeworm living in a cow's intestine an example of predator prey relationship?

yes, the cow eats the tapeworm, that is why the tapeworm is in the cow's intestine

How do you cure tapeworm?

There are effective medications to treat tapeworm: speak to your doctor.

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