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When the lungs do not function the backup respiratory system takes over the function of the lungs. This is true in a fetal pig.

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Q: The lungs do not function in a fetal pig what takes over their function?
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When the lungs do not function in a fetal pig what takes over their function?

The placenta. Deoxygenated blood flows to the placenta where the carbon dioxide is removed and oxygen added. Oxygen rich blood returns to the fetus. Blood is carried to and from the fetus by the umbilical cord.

Does the diaphragm function in a pig fetus?

No, the diaphragm does not function in a pig fetus. The pig fetus has no need to breathe prior to birth, it receives oxygen through the umbilical cord.

What is the function that carries blood to the lungs?

The blood is taken to the lungs to get oxygenated and then distribute O2 all over the body

How is the fetal circulation transformed instantaneously into the adult circulation with practically no transition?

The fetal circulation is based mainly on the veinous circulation during pregnancy. Once the uterine connections are lost, the adult circulation takes over.

Function of the pleura?

This serosa covers the thorax cavity, the heart, and the lungs. It gives the lungs a libricant, allowing them to move easily over the thorax wall.

What is the period of a trig function?

The period of trigonometric function is the distance between repetitions of the function. The "x" value of the space it takes to start over.

What is the function of the parietalpleura?

The parietalpleura lubricates the pleura so that they move over each other easily. This helps the lungs breathe in and out.

What is the function of cilia in the lungs?

Cilia are present all over the bronchial tree. Cilia propel the foreign particles out wards.

Compare the excretory functions of the kidneys and the lungs?

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What is the membrane over the fetal pig eye called?

The nictitating membrane.

Why do fish gills not function in air?

Lungs are what air breathing creatures use. That is how they evolved. Gills need to have water flowing over them so they work in water. So Lungs won't work in water and Gills won't work in air.