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It means 'by the grace of God' which can also be expressed as 'through God's goodwill'. It does not mean 'thanks to God' except in the sense of 'thanks to the agency or good offices of God'.

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Q: The meaning of grace a dieu in English?
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The meaning of the word grace a dieu in English?

By the grace of God. Origin: French

When was Grace Dieu - ship - created?

Grace Dieu - ship - was created in 1420.

When did Grace Dieu Priory end?

Grace Dieu Priory ended in 1538.

When was Grace Dieu Manor School created?

Grace Dieu Manor School was created in 1933.

When was Henry Grace ร  Dieu created?

Henry Grace à Dieu was created in 1514.

Oh bon dieu in English?

Oh, bon Dieu. = Oh, good God.

What does the word mon dieu mean in English?

mon Dieu means 'my God' in French.

What is the meaning of the word Dieu?

Dieu is the French word for God. Saying "Mon Dieu!" is the equivalent of saying "Oh my God!" Dieu also is a Vietnamese name for a girl!

How to say By the grace of God in french?

Par la grâce de Dieu

How do you say grace of god in french?

par la grâce de Dieu

What is 'god' when translated from English to French?

"God" in English is Dieu in French.

How do you translate 'mon Dieu' from French into English?

"my God!"

What does dieu et mon pays mean?

"Dieu et mon pays" translates to "God and (my) country" in English.

What is meaning of mon Dieu?

In French "mon Dieu" means "My God", or something along the lines of, oh my god, my god.

How do we say ''I'am good thank God'' in french?

Grace a Dieu, je vais bien.

What does a dieu va mean?

"à-Dieu-va" means literally "to God goes"."à la grâce de Dieu" is also used with the same meaning, although the English "by the grace of God" usually means by divine right, something altogether different."à Dieu va" is an expression you use when you are enterprising a dangerous action with uncertain results or some elements of risk, like before bungee jumping, and you leave the (hopefully happy) results to God's decision. A colloquial translation is "God willing".The expression is usually accompanied by the sign of the cross.

What does dieu et mon droit mean in English?

Dieu et mon droit is french for "God and my right", or "God and my privilege".

What does Dieu Pour La Tranche Qui Contre mean in English?

Dieu means God,but I'm not sure.Try a translator website.

What is the meaning of the french word bon dieu?

Bon Dieu litterally means "good God", it can be compared to "good grief" or "oh my God"

What is meaning of mon deux?

I think you mean mon dieu and it means my god

Translate dieu et mon droit to English?

God gives me the right (to do this)

What does Seulement l'Amour de Dieu mean in English?

"Only God's Love"

What does mon dieux traslate to in English?

My God! (it should be Mon Dieu! - singular)

What is the English translation of dieu est bon tout temps?

Dieu est bon en tout temps means 'God is good at all times'

What is the meaning of Grace Dieu?

The greatest of all medieval ships, Henry V's the Grace Dieu was a remarkable vessel of a similar size to HMS Victory , although with her towering castles she looked very different. Launched in 1418, she was more than two hundred feet long and had an estimated displacement of 2,750 tons. Her main armament consisted of archers who would fire down on enemy vessels from the imposing forecastle. In addition lumps of irons were hurled onto the ships below. She held the distinction of being the last ship to be built for an English king for fifty years. It means "grace", derived from the Latin gratia.