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The phases of the moon depend on the relative positions of the earth, moon and sun. The moon orbits around the earth once every 27.3 days. Since this causes the relative positions of the three bodies to be changing over the course of a month, the phase of the moon changes. Think about the fact that the earth is rotating on its axis quite a bit faster than the moon is orbiting around earth. The portion of the moon that is lit by the sun changes over the course of a month, because what we interpret as a month is really a "moon day". We are watching the progression of sunlight as it moves across the face of the moon, one full cycle each month.

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During which pahses does illumination of the moon appear to grow larger?

the first 15 days of the month

What is a waning and waxing moon?

A waning moon is when a moon goes through a phase where the moon is first a cresent then is goes through physical change when it goes from full moon to cresent moon. It changes from right to left. That is a waning moon. A waxing moon is where it does the same thing that a waning moon does exept it goes from left to right.

Does the earths orbit around the sun affects the moon phase?

no. But the moons pahses chang eby the whereabouts it is at that moment.

The moon goes through a complete phase cycle about every?

The moon goes from new moon to full moon back to new moon about every month.

What goes through phrases in space?

The moon

Why do you have a full moon and half moon?

it is a phase the moon goes through every lunar month

What is a second quarter moon?

a 2nd quarter moon is a phase of the moon and the moon goes through 4 phases.

What are the pahses of the moon?

first quarter, waxing crescent, new, waning crescent, last quarter, waning gibbous, full, and waxing gibbous

What are changes in shape the moon seems to go through called?

The changes in shape that the moon goes through are called phases.

Who made new moon?

The New Moon is actually just a phase Luna (Earths moon) goes through.

What causes the moon's phases?

The phrases of the moon is caused by the angle the sun's rays illuminates the moon. As the Earth orbits the Sun, so the Moon orbits the Earth, which constantly changes the angle of sunlight striking the Moon.

What is the process the moon goes through to become dark?


How often does the moon go through its phases?

It goes through a cycle every month. :)

What are moon phases?

Moon phases are changes in appearance the moon goes through each month eg quarter moon, half moon, full moon etc

Why the same side of the moon is viewed from earth as the moon goes through its phases?

because the Moon always has 1/2 sunlit.

When the moon goes through Earth's shadow what do we see?

... a lunar eclipse.

When the moon goes through the earths shadow what do you see?

you see a eclipse

When the moon goes through all of it's phases is called?

It takes one month for the Moon to go through all of its phases one time.

The moon goes through stages where you can see different amount of it you call these stages?

you call these stages the phases of the moon

How is a werewolf a moon child?

Yes, because a werewolf if just a person who goes through a change on a full moon

How does the phase of the moon change from day to day?

The Moon waxes or wanes every day as it goes through a cycle.

What angle does the moon phase create with the earth and sun and itself?

As it goes to its orbit, it goes through all angles.

When a full moon goes through the shadow of the Earth what occurs?

The Lunar Eclipse..

What are the reasons why the moon goes through different phases?

tutt is cool its betyfill

What does it mean when the moon goes through phases?

it means the moon goes through phases in which it is shadowed by the earth, and illuminated by the sun at different portions every day of the year making it full, half, crescent, Waning, or Waxing.