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John handcock

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โˆ™ 2009-09-23 20:17:42
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Q: The name of the gun expert who was the real shooter of a rifle that shot a bullet went through the center of a coin in a scene of an older western film starring jimmy?
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How do you use bullet in a sentence?

People say a shotgun is a 4 bullet shooter.

Who is the man who made a six-shooter with a revolving bullet chamber was?

sam colt

How can you tell what bullet was fired first?

while firing a bullet, the shooter may get a sudden jerk in his/her hands. So, by keeping track of shooters movement, one can determine which bullet was fired first

What is the affective range of a 308 bullet?

A .308 bullet is a rimless and bottlenecked rifle cartridge. It has an effective range of around 500 feet if the shooter is good enough.

What is a bullet casing?

When you shoot a bullet the bullet casing pos out through the ejector and that is where the bullet is and gunpowder to fire it.

What is bullet penetration?

When you get penetrated by a bullet. Like IT goes through you.

What is a bullet's diameter?

It is how thick a bullet is, measured through the thickest part of the bullet, from one side to the other.

Will a bullet go through Platinum?

Depends on the thickness of the platinum, the speed and weight of the bullet, and what the bullet is made of. A.50 caliber armor piercing bullet will shoot through some thicknesses of steel or concrete.

Does the kinetic energy of the bullet remain constat as it travels through air?

No, the bullet loss its' energy through air friction in contact. The speed of a bullet decrease with distance.

Will a 308 Winchester mod70 sa fire a 7.62 NATO bullet?

Not recommended. May cause damage and/or injury to the weapon and shooter.

Can you shoot a bullet through a tornado?

You probably couldn't shoot a bullet through a tornado, mostly because of the massive wind speeds that will turn the bullet off-course, and the fact that there is so much stuff flying through the air, that the bullet will hit something and stop.

How are Newton's laws applied when a bullet is fired from a gun which recoils?

The law that says every action has an equal and oppsite reaction: the momentum of the bullet is balanced by the equal momentum of the gun (and shooter) in the opposite direction - the recoil.

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