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Nazi Germany ruled by Hitler, and Communist USSR (Russia) ruled by Joseph Stalin

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What is a pact?

A pact is an agreement or covenant, in international law it refers to an agreement between two countries.

Formal agreement between two nations?

A formal agreement between two countries is called a treaty or a pact.

What is pact between two countries called?

A bilateral treaty or formal agreement.

What is the trem for written agreements made between two countries or nations?

A pact or a treaty.

What is a nonagression pact?

A non-aggression pact is an international treaty between two or more states/countries agreeing to avoid war or armed conflict between them and resolve their disputes through peaceful negotiations

What country signed a neutrality pact with Germany in 1939?

The Soviet Union signed a neutrality pact with Germany in 1939. This divided much of Eastern Europe between the two countries.

What two countries signed a nonaggression pact?

Germany and Russia.

Who wrote The Pact and why?

"The Pact" (1998) was a novel by Jodi Picoult, and centered on a suicide pact between two teens.

Hitler and Stalin secretly agreed to divide between their two countries.?

The pact also secretly agreed to divide Poland and other parts of eastern Europe between the two powers.

Hitler signed a non aggression pact with which country?

He signed it with Russia it was a secret agreement that split Poland between the two countries.

Which two countries forged the the Pact of Steel in 1939?

Germany and Italy

Which two countries signed a nonaggression pact in 1939?

Germany and Russia .

How did Germany lose Russia as an ally?

In WW 2, simply by betraying them by unilaterally breaking the the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact between the two countries.

What two countries signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact?

Russia and Germany .

What was the pact between Germany and the soviets to divide Poland?

The pact that was signed between Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939 was the Pact of Steel. They divided Europe into two halves or spheres of influence.

What was the non-aggression pact and who was it between?

The Non-Agression pact was between Hitler's Reich and Stalin's Russia. The pact was signed when Hitler and Stalin did a joint invasion of Poland. The pact basically stated that the Russians would not attack the Germans and vice versa. Also stated in this pact was the agreement that the Russians gained all of the countries natural resources, and the Germans collected all the Jew's and the econemy was to be split between the two countries. However the Russians and the Germans had a falling out during the peace time and a little Russian and German blood was spilled so the countries signed a second Non-agressin pact which was also brokewn when Hitler decided to push the Russians out of Poland and attack the Russian homland.

Two countries that signed nonaggression pact leading to invasion of Poland?

Germany and Russia

What agreement between Germany and the soviet union promised that neither country would attack each other and also split Poland between the two countries?

This agreement was known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

Stalin's pact with hittler in 1939 led to?

Stalin's pact with Hitler in 1939 led to the invasion of Poland by the Germans. The pact restricted the two countries, German and Nazi Germany and Soviet Union, from attacking each other.

What is a non-aggresion pact?

The non-aggression pact was an internation treaty between two or more states agreeing to avoid war.

An agreement between two or more states is?

a treatyAdded: . . . . or a pact, or a compact

Which two countries signed the Non-aggression pact in August 1933?

Germany and the Soviet Union

What was Ribbentrop-Molotov pact of 1939 about?

It was a non aggresion pact between nazi Germany and russia. following this pact a very large degree of trade engaged between the two nations. a secret condition of this pact was that in the case of war ceratain areas could only be occupied by Germany, others by russia.

Despite a non-agression pact which nation did Hitler invade?

There were two countries he did thid; Poland and Russia.

Why was the Nazi-soviet pact started?

This pact was proposed by Germany because Germany's only treat to the east was russia so Germany made the pact so he didnt have to fight on two fronts just the west until he felt he was ready to take on russia and inevitably break the pact between the two

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