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What do you call when a number of individuals that live in a defined area?

When a number of individuals live in one defined area, it is called a population.

What is a group of individuals belong to a single species that live together in a defined area is termed?


What is a group of individuals that belong to the same species live in a defined area and breed with others in the same grou?


How can you live in space?

You will need a number of things to live in space such as oxygen, food, water, and clothes

How is the multiverse defined in science?

The multiverse is a relatively new theoretical framework for describing our universe and how it came to be. It is proposed by string theory and quantum mechanics. It is often described as infinite space or higher-dimensional space in which there are an infinite number or a huge finite number of universes including the observable universe in which we live.

How is hyperspace defined?

Hyperspace is the theoretical possibility of other dimensions of space than the three observable ones in which we live and move.

What house number does Louis Tomlinson live?

WikiAnswers does not provide private information about individuals.

Is the carrying capacity the smallest number of individuals in a population that can live in one area?


What are the individuals of a species that live in an area called?

Individuals of a species that live in an area are called population.

Do astronauts live in space stations?

The International Space Station normally has a crew of three or four, and while they rotate, most astronauts do not get to live on the space station. As of Feb. 2010 the number is now up to 6.

Do llamas live in space?

No. They live on Earth, not in space.

What individuals have been known for live in upstate New York?

There are many individuals that live in upstate New York. However, the individuals that are most known to live in the area are gang members and criminals.

What is a space station?

A space station is a structure for people to live in space. A space station is a structure for people to live in space.

Can you live without space?

No,we can,t live without space.

Where do they live on the space shuttle?

they live and work in the space shuttle.

What is Spaces Live com?

Any space that has life in, on around it. Space is in front, behind, underneath, on the left and right of you. You are occupying space. You are live and you are in space live. Get it?

What animals live in space?

No aniamls live in space. Their is no oxygen to breath.

How long do people live in space?

The astronauts will have to live in space according to the space plan, example the days in space planned by N.a.s.a.

How many monkeys live in a troop?

Depends on the kind of monkey. Some are solitary, some are monogamous and some live in groups that are often around 6-20 individuals large. Some live in larger groups; there are groups of red colobus monkeys and vervet monkeys and baboons with > 100 individuals. The largest groups seem to be groups of mandrills, which may number as many as 500+ individuals.

Where does Ashley Tisdale live what door number and what street?

Wikianswers does not divulge private or personal information, such as telephone numbers or addresses, for individuals.

How many astronaots live in space?

there is 8 million astronauts that live in space

Place where astronauts live and work in space?

space stations they work and live in

What is a residential space?

a residential space is a space that people live in

How does risk management contributes to supporting individuals to live at home?

Risk management contributes to supporting individuals to live at a home because there are precautions that individuals should take in order to manage the risk of danger.

Which statement best describes a society?

It involves interactions between people who live in a defined area.

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