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You have eight bones that make up your wrist, so I guess your hand, when you include the five metacarpals and the fourteen phalanges.


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The appendicular skeleton is composed of 126 bones of the limbs and the pectoral.

The neck is part of the axial skeleton. The appendicular skeleton includes the bones of your arms and legs.

The backbone is part of the Skeleton. The skeleton are ALL the bones in the body.

The axial part of the skeleton is comprised of the bones in the skull and trunk of the body. Yes, the axial part of the skeleton does have a cavity.

The spinal column is part of the axial skeleton. (The appendicular skeleton is made up of the bones of the appendages. These would include all of the arm and hand bones, and leg and foot bones.)

Of the axial skeleton bones, which bone (radius, clavicle, sternum, hip bone) is present?

no, Its part of the cranial bones.

every part. it's your bones.

No the scapula (other wise known as the shoulder) is not part of the Axial Skeleton. The Axial Skeleton is composed of 80 bones that are in your head and trunk. The bones within the Axial Skeleton are bones that cover and protect either your brain, spinal cord or vital organs such as the heart. The scapula does not protect either of these, therefor it is not included in the axial skeleton.

The skull is part of the axial skeleton. The axial skeleton in humans consist of the skull, the ear bones, the ribcage, the spine, and jaw bone.

Facial bones eg. nasal , zygomatic maxilla lacrymal bones.

Skeleton parts of the body are notarized as bones, your skull or certain connected joints.

No, they are not. They are part of the appendicular skeletal system.

Yes; the axial skeleton includes the bones of the head, and the occipital is the bottom-back part of the skull.

All the bones of the skull are part of the axial skeleton. See link below for more information:

The axial skeleton is composed of the skull, the spinal column, and the pelvis. All other bones are part of the appendicular skeleton.

None; the guts are (part of) the digestive system and the skeleton is formed wholly of bones.

Yes. Human ribs are bones, called flat bones, and are part of the axial skeleton.

No, it does not. The axial skeleton contains the bones arranged in a longitundinal axis, i.e. the cranium, hyoid, auditory ossicles, vertebral column and thoracic cage. The arms are part of the appendicular skeleton

The axial skeleton is the part of the human skeleton that consists of bones of the head and trunk. It consists of 80 bones and is split into 8 different parts. Some are the skull bones, the ossicles of the middle ear, the hyoid bone, the rib cage, the sternum, and the vertebral column.

The bones or the skeleton. The hardest bone in the human skeleton is the femur, which can withstand a concrete block being dropped on it.

If you feel you have an abnormal bump in a part of you skeleton where joints are not supposed to be.

The calcaneus is the "heel". It is one of the tarsal bones in the foot.

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